The ADGM Digital Lab

Enabling APIs, system virtual machines and applications that connect legacy systems

Connect, collaborate and discover innovative solutions

The ADGM Digital Lab is a virtual environment with access to resources such as data, APIs, system images and reference architectures. Participants are enabled to validate their new solutions with a replication of their own technology stack more readily. Fintechs, financial institutions and a financial services regulator, represented by ADGM's FSRA, seamlessly connect and safely collaborate in this environment, experiment and develop innovative solutions creating new products and testing prototypes swiftly.

By providing this unique environment, the ADGM Digital Lab enables the industry to identify and address shared challenges together. It also includes a virtual space to pose industry challenges for fintechs to address and provide solutions.

The ADGM Digital Lab invites the following types of entities to participate:

  • Financial services
  • Startups
  • Regulators
  • Tech vendors
  • Professional services
  • Academics
  • Government organisations
  • Venture capitalists
Get started building the future with the ADGM Digital Lab

Why join the ADGM Digital Lab

Access to partners

The ADGM Digital Lab connects startups, financial institutions and ADGM's FSRA to each other to trial best-in-class technologies for financial markets. Institutions looking for the latest fintech solutions and startups looking for corporate adoption can avail themselves of the Digital Marketplace to find the right partners. ADGM encourages collaborative growth, in addition to providing an opportunity to integrate FinTech solutions with institutional data and functionality to test for scalability and robustness.

Broad technology coverage

Not just for entities registered in ADGM, the platform also caters to those technology entities (whether fintech startups or more established entities) who do not need a licence from ADGM to collaborate with financial entities in a truly inclusive environment. For ADGM's RegLab participants, the digital platform will enable ADGM to supervise their test activities with financial entities in real time through the use of innovative supervisory tools and technology (SupTech).

Easy-to-use interface

The ADGM Digital Lab is intended for all types of users, regardless of technical background. Whether you are a business user or work in an IT function, you will be able to collaborate and run experiments using a suite of user-friendly tools.

Secure and Standardised

The ADGM Digital Lab is hosted on a world-class cloud platform on UAE data centres which adheres to both international and UAE security standards. It is a secure environment for traditional and disruptive talent to collaborate around new financial products.