ACCESSADGM Government Services Portal

ADGM government related services can be accessed through ACCESSADGM client portal, a highly efficient, comprehensive and integrated online portal that has contributed to enhancing our ease of doing business and enjoying a seamless digital experience by our clients. ACCESSADGM client portal provides a wide range of services including visas, permits, postal services, administrative letters, a Knowledge Center and much more. The portal permits two distinct user types to be set up:

  1. Company User: this user is an admin or authorized from ADGM registered companies who has access to ACCESSADGM portal. These individuals liaise with ADGM to process government services such as visas etc.
  2. Guest User: this user is an admin from a non-registered company, who has access to the portal for requesting temporary ADGM permits such as permits for holding events, or for conducting photography on Al Maryah Island.

For help on using the services of this portal, please view the ACCESSADGM video tutorials available on this page.

For further questions, visit our FAQs 

ACCESSADGM is available 24/7 to complete a wide range of activities including:



Apply for visas and visa renewals for employees and dependents.


Receive real time notifications on services.


Recharge portal balance online.


Updates on all ADGM related announcements means no need to visit ADGM service counters.


Use ACCESSADGM to facilitate your business requirements online.
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