ADGM Think Podcast Sessions

"Think" is a thought-provoking podcast by Abu Dhabi's International Financial Centre, ADGM. In each episode, the show invites guests to delve into the most pressing topics of the modern financial services world, from emerging technologies and entrepreneurship to sustainability, economics, and investing.

With its engaging and insightful conversations, "Think" aims to provide its audience with a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities that define the financial landscape, both regionally and globally. Whether you're a seasoned financial professional or simply interested in staying up-to-date with the latest trends and insights, "Think" is the perfect podcast for you.

5 June, 2023 Session 3

Intersection of AI and Finance: TII’s Merouane Debbah discusses the revolutionary rise of AI

AI is the most consequential emergence of technology of our times. From ChatGPT to UAE’s Falcon LLM, there has been noteworthy progress globally and this session breaks down the origin of AI, where it is headed and it’s implication on the financial sector. Technology Innovation Institute's Merouane Debbah shares his experience and insights on the possibilities of AI.

23 May, 2023 Session 2

Battling Financial Crime: Insights from Themis' Dickon Johnstone

Financial crime is a multi-trillion business run by highly sophisticated and tech focused criminal organizations. UNODC suggests over 2.7% of global GDP is lost to money laundering and financial crimes. How can businesses and society stay ahead of the curve and mitigate their everyday risks? Dickon Johnstone from Themis shares his experience and insights on financial crimes and risks.

6 March, 2023 Session 1

Food Security & Sustainable Finance: Miray Zaki's Insights on COP28 & Growth Buyouts - Gulf Capital

Food security plays a vital role in sustainable investments. With one of the fastest growing consumer markets and with COP28 at the end of the year, the region is witnessing incredible developments. How does sustainable control growth buyout look and what are the key highlights of COP28 to watch out for. Miray Zaki from Gulf Capital shares her experience and insights on sustainable finance.