ADGM Think Podcast Sessions

"Think" is a thought-provoking podcast by Abu Dhabi's International Financial Centre, ADGM. In each episode, the show invites guests to delve into the most pressing topics of the modern financial services world, from emerging technologies and entrepreneurship to sustainability, economics, and investing.

With its engaging and insightful conversations, "Think" aims to provide its audience with a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities that define the financial landscape, both regionally and globally. Whether you're a seasoned financial professional or simply interested in staying up-to-date with the latest trends and insights, "Think" is the perfect podcast for you.

22 September, 2023 Session 9

What does it take to succeed as a Fintech Startup?

What are contributing factors that grow the local fintech ecosystem? How can we launch more founders in this space, and what can we expect in the coming years? We sit down with Suneel Gokhale from VentureSouq and deep dive into topics such as founder’s traits, regulatory framework and product offering that play a critical role in the success of Fintech.

28 August, 2023 Session 8

The Rise of the Abu Dhabi Capital Market

The phenomenal growth of Abu Dhabi’s capital market is making global headlines. With global interest from issuers and investors deploying capital from leading asset managers, what makes Abu Dhabi’s capital market ecosystem so attractive? This one-of-a-kind session brings ADX and the Abu Dhabi IPO Fund together to talk about factors that are contributing to this success.

08 August, 2023 Session 7

Role of Academia in the Financial Sector

What are the top challenges faced by banks in the region? Hosted by ADGM Academy, in this episode, we discuss how academics are contributing to enhancing the global financial industry. We sit with Dr. Thouraya Labben from United Arab Emirates University, an institution that has undertaken a project to identify the top challenges being faced by the banking sector in the region. This episode will detail the findings from the 12+ banks and asks how can academia solve these challenges.

25 July, 2023 Session 6

Pathways to Crypto-Asset Regulation

Investments into digital assets are a mainstream asset class. This is happening at a global scale and rapidly evolving technologies are making the world of crypto even more connected than before. The hour has come to solidify safeguards around consumer protection, mitigate financial crimes and maintain market integrity. We sit down with World Economic Forum’s Arushi Goel to discuss the findings of their recent white paper on cross-crypto regulations.

06 July, 2023 Session 5

Inside Family Offices

The GCC Family Office market has grown to a multi-trillion dollar sector and this episode will meet Northern Trusts Family Office expert, George Triplow, to shed light on the inner workings of a Family office – What are their strategic mandates, how are they different from the ones operating in the US/EU and what can we expect in the next 10 years?

22 June, 2023 Session 4

Venture Builders & Startups

Accelerator models have evolved and so have the funding strategies of investors over the last couple of years. Why is now a good time to be investing in early age startups and how do venture studios build successful companies from the ground up? Marc Wesselink from VentureRock shares his experience and insights on early age startup funding and investment KPIs

05 June, 2023 Session 3

Intersection of AI and Finance

AI is the most consequential emergence of technology of our times. From ChatGPT to UAE’s Falcon LLM, there has been noteworthy progress globally and this session breaks down the origin of AI, where it is headed and it’s implication on the financial sector. Technology Innovation Institute's Merouane Debbah shares his experience and insights on the possibilities of AI.

23 May, 2023 Session 2

Financial Crimes & Security

Financial crime is a multi-trillion business run by highly sophisticated and tech focused criminal organizations. UNODC suggests over 2.7% of global GDP is lost to money laundering and financial crimes. How can businesses and society stay ahead of the curve and mitigate their everyday risks? Dickon Johnstone from Themis shares his experience and insights on financial crimes and risks.

01 May, 2023 Session 1

Sustainable Financing

Food security plays a vital role in sustainable investments. With one of the fastest growing consumer markets and with COP28 at the end of the year, the region is witnessing incredible developments. How does sustainable control growth buyout look and what are the key highlights of COP28 to watch out for. Miray Zaki from Gulf Capital shares her experience and insights on sustainable finance.