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Experience a universal digital solution with ADGM Courts
ADGM Courts unique digital services deliver an end-to-end seamless experience that transforms the way judicial services are provided. We enable businesses to flourish by providing a platform that supports innovation and adheres to international rules and regulations.
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A game-changing approach

A digital court file
Fully integrated with the Court's electronic filing, case management and hearing services, enabling parties, lawyers and the Court to interact transparently and efficiently, and in real-time.
Electronic filing capability for documents
Upload documents from anywhere in the world at any time of the day, with access to a secure payment gateway for any fee generated filings.
Electronic hearings and trials
Access to video conference facilities and transcript facilitated by the Court.
Electronic case management
Allowing parties and their lawyers to track their cases and serve documents, saving immense time and cost.
Electronic evidence bundles
Securely upload documents from the Court file and evidence from their systems to prepare for hearings of applications and trials. The evidence bundles are fully searchable and available at no cost to the parties.
Fast and simple registration
You do not need a case in order to register for the platform.
Fully digital courtroom
The first electronic hearing room, creating a true end-to-end solution for digital justice, integrating innovative technology, and developing the optimal environment for paperless hearings.
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