Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs)

Highly flexible solutions for structuring asset holdings and investments

Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) are passive holding companies established for the purpose of isolating financial and legal risk by ring-fencing certain assets and liabilities. 

The SPV regime at ADGM is designed to be flexible, robust, simple and efficient, benchmarked against leading alternatives around the world. We offer a quick, easy to use and fully digital registration process, with straightforward reporting requirements and transparent pricing.

It is a requirement that all ADGM SPVs demonstrate an appropriate connection or ‘nexus’ to ADGM, the UAE and/or the GCC Region. For more information, please refer ADGM’s Guidance Note for Special Purpose Vehicles.

Catering to the needs of a broad range of business types, uses and industry sectors, our SPV regime is adopted by businesses, individuals, and the advisory community for a wide variety of purposes. SPVs cannot be used to conduct operational business or hire staff.

Restricted Scope Companies are also available for certain categories of clients which allow for limited disclosure on the public register.

Abu Dhabi is ideal for setting up Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs)

The economic powerhouse of the UAE, Abu Dhabi is underpinned by enormous hydrocarbon and sovereign wealth.

Its leadership is committed to promoting the growth, diversification and development of the wider economy, creating wide-reaching business opportunities.

An already well-established business hub, Abu Dhabi is represented by some of the largest companies in the world, across the breadth of the private sector.

With a central geographic positioning and time zone, as well as global connectivity, Abu Dhabi provides access to the world’s fastest growing regional and international markets.

A politically and economically stable environment, with longstanding relationships with the world’s leading, offering you the ideal launchpad in the region for the long term success of your business.

Abu Dhabi offers an excellent standard of living, with outstanding leisure facilities, health care and schools, providing the ideal environment for you and your employees.

Why set up your Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) in ADGM

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Special Purpose Vehicle tax residency

All ADGM registered entities are eligible to apply for a Tax Residency Certificate from the UAE Ministry of Finance to benefit from the UAE’s Double Tax Treaty network. Entities will need to meet criteria set out by MoF.
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Migration and continuance permitted

ADGM allows for the relocation and re-domicile of companies to ADGM from other jurisdictions.
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Registered office address requirements

ADGM allows the use of an agent/ corporate service provider to manage the SPV and to provide the registered office address.
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Tax efficient

Access to broad UAE Double Tax Treaty network.
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No attestation required

No attestation required for corporate document and no requirement to file audited financial accounts.
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