Taking a leading stance worldwide with a transparent approach towards regulation of Securities

Issuers can take advantage of ADGM's best in class framework governing the issuance of Securities both in and from ADGM. Issuers, both regionally and globally, can raise capital in an efficient manner under a framework that offers significant investor protection.  Issuers can make an Offer of Securities to the public or may benefit from an exemption under the ADGM FSRA's Exempt Offers regime. ADGM ensures full transparency for issuers and investors within its markets.

The FSRA operates a world class listing authority responsible for the review of prospectuses and for the admission of Securities to its Official List.

Digital Securities

ADGM has taken a leading stance in the GCC and worldwide, with its transparent approach towards regulation of Digital Securities, confirming that where tokens have the characteristics of a Security, they will be treated as a Security by the FSRA.

The issuance of a Security, whether through a DLT platform or other means, will see no difference in their treatment under the FSRA's regulatory framework. Those issuers who seek to raise funds in a regulated, robust and transparent manner using new business models or technologies such as DLT are encouraged to engage with the FSRA as early as possible in the fund-raising process. For more details on the regulatory treatment of Digital Securities, click here.

Financial services entities are required to meet specific resource requirements, either designated as Controlled Functions, which require approval by the FSRA, or as Recognised Functions, which are appointed by the entity itself and notified to the FSRA. For more information refer to Chapters 5.3 and 5.4 in the ADGM General Rulebook (GEN).

Entities that are either required or that want to have a physical presence, will find a wide range of Grade A office space on Al Maryah Island to choose from. The ADGM team will advise regarding office requirements on a case by case basis.

Abu Dhabi is ideal for Securities services

Investor base

The ability to connect a worldwide investor base to markets within and from ADGM.

Access to capital

An extensive pipeline of regional and global capital raising opportunities.

Strategic location

Markets are conveniently located to cover the time zone between Europe and Asia.

Unparalleled infrastructure

Abu Dhabi has world class infrastructure with significant investments in green sustainable energy and an extensive professional services infrastructure such as medical, consultancy, legal, architectural and housing.

Safe and stable

Ranked one the safest cities in the world, Abu Dhabi offers world-class infrastructure, including housing, schools, sporting facilities, cultural institutions and events with convenient international transportation links globally.

Business friendly

The ease of doing business in Abu Dhabi and within ADGM is invaluable, with numerous digital platforms, an environment that supports good business, and a concierge service for all Abu Dhabi government services.

Why set up your Securities business in ADGM

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Progressive ecosystem

ADGM prides itself on being a progressive regulator open to the use of new technologies and innovation.
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Tax efficient

ADGM is a tax friendly environment, with 0% direct tax and access to the UAE's extensive double tax treaties.
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Rule of law

A strong rule of law through the direct application of English common law, strong judiciary, speed of judgment facilitated by world's first e-Courts, seat of arbitration, and a strong system of enforceability of judgments providing legal certainty and comfort for transactions undertaken in its market.
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Full ecosystem

ADGM offers a full ecosystem of legal, accounting and servicing firms and enables the low-cost establishment and optimisation of businesses.
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Product friendly

ADGM prides itself on being a product friendly jurisdiction open to new and innovative solutions for ever-evolving market-making needs.
If you have questions or need any assistance, we're here to help.
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Al Maryah Island

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Abu Dhabi

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