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Application and submission to the ADGM RegLab is done in cohorts.  ADGM will publicly announce when it starts accepting applications for the next cohort.  If you wish to receive updates please sign up by emailing 

The ADGM Reglab is for all participants active in the FinTech space, from start-ups to existing, regulated companies.

To qualify, FinTech participants must demonstrate an innovative technological solution at a stage of development ready for testing. The solution should also contribute to the development of the financial sector in the UAE. In particular, it should:

  • Promote growth, efficiency or competition
  • Promote risk management and better regulatory outcomes
  • Improve consumer choices
Open Cohort

Applications for the ADGM RegLab will be based on a cohort approach. FSRA will announce the application period for each cohort ahead of the opening.

Contact us

Contact a member of the ADGM RegLab team, via email to start the conversation with the ADGM Financial Services Regulatory Authority FinTech team.


Applicants will be invited to discuss their proposal, which will help the ADGM RegLab team better understand the proposal and assist you in completing your application.


Once the application has been submitted, the FSRA will assess the applicant's proposal in accordance with the qualification criteria for inclusion in the RegLab.


Once the application is successful, the applicant will receive a notification of acceptance.

Bespoke approach

 The ADGM RegLab team will work closely with the Applicant to build a bespoke set of regulatory requirements and conditions that will apply to their FinTech proposal.


Once regulatory requirements and conditions have been confirmed, the applicant must apply for a commercial license. Learn more.


Once the RegLab and the commercial license applications are finalised and approved, an authorisation will be granted directly to the applicant.


Once authorised and admitted into the RegLab, FinTech participants are eligible to operate within the RegLab for a period of up to two years to a point where their FinTech solution can be commercially launched. 

If you have questions or need any assistance, we're here to help
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