Money Services Business
Converting currency and transmitting money to individuals and corporates across the world

Money Services Businesses (MSB) or payment services from ADGM provide clients with the ability to convert currency or transmit money to individuals and corporates across the world. This can include, but is not limited to, foreign exchange services, payment services or intermediary payment services via traditional payment methods, via the internet and mobile technology, and by using innovative Fintech solutions. Businesses looking to offer money services must adhere to strict know your customer (KYC), anti-money laundering and counter terrorism finance requirements in line with international treaties and undertakings. ADGM provides MSBs' with a strong English common law framework with game-changing fully digital courts, an arbitration center, a flourishing FinTech ecosystem and well-established links with financial institutions and regulators around the world.

As a technology-first international financial center, ADGM offers the ability for MSB firms to link up with a wide and growing client population and market.  The UAE has one of the most diverse populations in the world and the demand for money services and remittance businesses is growing each year.

Financial services entities are required to meet specific resource requirements, either designated as Controlled Functions, which require approval by the FSRA, or as Recognised Functions, which are appointed by the entity itself and notified to the FSRA. For more information refer to Chapters 5.3 and 5.4 in the ADGM General Rulebook (GEN).

Entities that are either required or that want to have a physical presence, will find a wide range of Grade A office space on Al Maryah Island to choose from. The ADGM team will advise regarding office requirements on a case by case basis.

Money Service Business is one of five Banking focused areas at ADGM. The other areas include Private Banking and Wealth Management, Investment BankingCorporate and Transaction Banking and Digital Banking.

Abu Dhabi is ideal for Money Service Businesses

Business friendly

The ease of doing business in Abu Dhabi and within ADGM is invaluable, with numerous digital platforms, an environment that supports good business, and a concierge service for all Abu Dhabi government services.

Low cost establishment

Abu Dhabi supports a low cost establishment which helps to protect margins and costs for Money Service Businesses.

Large foreign workforce

The region has one of the highest populations of expatriates and foreign workers from wider MENAT, South Asia and African continent who have a strong and growing need for remittance, payments and other money services between UAE and their home countries.

Strategically located

Conveniently positioned globally at the crossroads of major trading routes, Abu Dhabi is in close proximity, mostly within a three hour flight, to the two large wealth markets in the wider Middle East and Indian Sub-Continent

Strong diversifying economy

Abu Dhabi is a regional hub with a strong public and private sector in an economy which is increasingly diversifying across sectors, leading to greater, locally provided Corporate Transaction Banking services

Unparalleled infrastructure

World class infrastructure with significant investments in green sustainable energy, Abu Dhabi has an extensive professional services infrastructure such as medical, consultancy, legal, architectural and housing.

Safe and stable

Ranked one the safest cities in the world, Abu Dhabi offers world-class infrastructure, including housing, schools, sporting facilities, cultural institutions and events with convenient international transportation links globally.

Why set up your Money Services business in ADGM
FinTech solutions
Money services and payments are two of the most active areas in the FinTech sector, which can be very beneficial for MSB entities and their clients. ADGM is rated to be one of the world's leading FinTech jurisdictions by independent reviewers with a flourishing ecosystem and presence of numerous FinTech entities in ADGM's RegLab.
Product friendly
ADGM prides itself on being a product friendly jurisdiction recognising that MSBs' require new and innovative solutions for ever-evolving money services, payments and operational needs, while providing a fast response time to international regulatory changes, helping MSBs' implement with minimal impact on ongoing business.
Rule of law
A strong rule of law through the direct application of English common law, strong judiciary, speed of judgment facilitated by world's first e-Courts, seat of arbitration, and a strong system of enforceability of judgments
Full ecosystem
ADGM offers a full ecosystem of legal, accounting and servicing firms and enables the optimisation of businesses.
Risk-based regulator
ADGM is a business-friendly and risk-based regulator which welcomes engagement and helps support ideas for growing your business.
Other Banking solutions
Corporate and Transaction Banking

ADGM has become a hub for Transaction Banks that provide corporate treasuries, governments and institutions with day to day operational and working capital financing needs. These include corporate banking, lending, trade finance, cash management and services supporting corporate treasuries.

Private Banking and Wealth Management

ADGM provides a perfect location for Private Banking and Wealth Management firms which focus on the needs of High Net-Worth (HNW) individuals and families who demand bespoke financial services with a high degree of customised advice & personal relationship management. This includes banking services, management of assets, financial services such as insurance, estate management and tax planning with concierge services.

Investment Banking

ADGM is home to Investment Banks (IB) that provide advisory and execution services to individuals, family offices, corporates and governments. Our services include raising capital by acting as an underwriter or as an agent to issue securities (either publicly or in private placement); advice on mergers & acquisitions and market making across all asset classes.

Digital Banking

The Digital Bank Licence from ADGM provides the ability to offer services in areas such as trade finance, small and medium enterprises (SME) lending and transactional accounts among others. Digital banking also promotes financial inclusion by extending services via innovative FinTech solutions to untapped, unbanked and underserved markets.

ADGM has become a hub for Transaction Banks that provide corporate treasuries, governments and institutions with day to day operational and working capital financing needs. These include corporate banking, lending, trade finance, cash management and services supporting corporate treasuries.

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