Family offices and foundations

Establish your family business at the region's leading hub for wealth management and succession planning


ADGM provides a unique, attractive and stable platform for family wealth management needs. It offers a comprehensive suite of products and solutions to provide the flexibility needed to effectively preserve and manage your family wealth. It is also home to a significant number of advisors who are familiar with using the ADGM product suite to manage family wealth.

ADGM's broad range of structures and solutions can be used to optimise family wealth planning and organise family businesses, whether assets and subsidiaries are held in ADGM, UAE or overseas. 

ADGM Holding Companies and Special Purpose Vehicles can be used to effectively structure family interests and ensure that assets are protected, and held in the most tax efficient manner. We value transparency, yet also include options for increased discretion for situations that reasonably merit less public disclosure. 

In addition, ADGM's Trusts regime and Foundations regime further enhance the offerings for Family Offices to better meet their requirements.

New provisions to the ADGM Foundation Regulations

Please note that pursuant to the new provisions of ADGM Foundation Regulations, in order to incorporate a non-exempt Foundation in ADGM on or after 12 July 2021, a Company Service Provider must be appointed.

Therefore, please note, should the review process of this Foundation continues beyond 12 July 2021, the applicant will be required to appoint one of ADGM registered Company Service Provider listed here

Should this Foundation be incorporated prior to 12 July 2021, the appointment of ADGM registered Company Service Provider will have to occur at the time of its next Commercial Licence renewal date or the end of 12 months from 12 July 2021, whichever is earlier.

If you need to confirm whether your application would be considered exempt or non-exempt from this rule please visit the CSP page and use the guidance tool here.

Optimise your family wealth planning and organise your family businesses using ADGM's flexible toolbox of products and services for

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Investment and
wealth management

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Special Purpose
Vehicles (SPV)

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Family administration

Whether an operational single family office, a foundation or the flexibility of a SPV suits your family business needs, ADGM offers several organisational structure options.

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Steps to setting up in ADGM

Single family office and SPV setup require a business plan submittal prior to beginning the online application process.

Application Process Step 1
Create a profile

Create a profile and review the documentation requirements for the online application process.

Application Process Step 2
Submit application

Fill out the required forms, via the online registry solution and submit the application, required documentation and payment, using a Visa or MasterCard.

Application Process Step 3

Once you have submitted your application, you will be able to view the status from your dashboard on the online registry solution. You will be informed of any changes required on your application (if any) via email, and you will receive a notification following the Registrar’s final decision.

Application Process Step 4
Licence issuance

If successful, you will receive a soft copy of your licence via email.

Guidance notes

Registration fees