Corporate Headquarters

The ideal platform to lead and grow your business in MENA

ADGM is a broad-based International Financial Centre catering to businesses across all sectors offering a range of flexible structures and tools to effectively manage businesses and protect their value.

Strategically located in Abu Dhabi, a centre of wealth, industry and logistics in the region, makes an excellent platform from which to establish or expand your activities in the region.  Abu Dhabi is at the heart of the world’s fastest growing markets with 60% of global GDP within seven hours flight time. Maintaining the highest international standards, ADGM directly applies English common law providing a high level of comfort to your partners, investors, and clients.

Entities from every sector can benefit from ADGM’s legal and operational environment for headquarters and other group functions such as contracting, financing and treasury. With industry leaders within the Energy, Shipping, Aviation, Defence, Healthcare, Construction and the Consumer sector within its community, ADGM is an effective base for many operational activities and the preferred jurisdiction in the Middle East to hold, finance and protect assets.

Entities that are either required or that want to have a physical presence, will find a wide range of Grade A office space on Al Maryah Island to choose from. The ADGM team will advise regarding office requirements on a case by case basis.

Other areas of focus in the non-financial sector at ADGM include Professional Services, Family Business, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and Associations

Why set up your Corporate business in ADGM

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Broad based IFC

Welcoming businesses from across the breadth of the economy to contribute to Abu Dhabi and the wider region's diverse community.
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Full ecosystem

ADGM offers a full ecosystem of legal, accounting and servicing firms and enables the optimisation of businesses.
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Rule of law

A strong rule of law through the direct application of English common law, strong judiciary, speed of judgment facilitated by world's first e-Courts, seat of arbitration, and a strong system of enforceability of judgments.
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Access to Abu Dhabi

A core part of the Abu Dhabi economy with the necessary agreements in place to enable your business to access unrestricted opportunities.
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Tax efficient

ADGM is a tax friendly environment, with 0% direct tax, no restrictions on repatriation of profits and access to the UAE's broad Double Tax Treaty network.
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Ownership and structuring

Offering 100% foreign ownership and a flexible tool box of internationally aligned structuring solutions to meet the needs of any business.
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