Waivers and Modifications

A Licensed Person may apply to the RA for a waiver or a modification of specific regulatory requirements. The firm shall submit written details of the reason for the request and all relevant facts to support the application.
Firm Name
Registration No.
Notice No.
Effective Date
KPMG Lower Gulf Limited 000000441 RA 2022/1 Companies Regulations (Auditors) Rules 2021 16 January 2022 Expired view PDF
KPI Ahli Chartered Accountants 000000001 RA 2022/2 Companies Regulations (Auditors) Rules 2021 25 February 2022 Withdrawn due to Rules update view PDF
Russell Bedford (Dubai) Limited 000003616 RA 2022/3 Companies Regulations (Auditors) Rules 2021 4 March 2022 Withdrawn due to Rules update view PDF
RSM Dahman Auditors 000004076 RA 2022/5 Companies Regulations (Auditors) Rules 2022 26 July 2022 In force view PDF
Ernst & Young - Middle East 000001136 RA 2022/6 Companies Regulations (Auditors) Rules 2022 30 May 2022 In force view PDF
Deloitte & Touche (M.E.) LLP 000000271 RA 2022/7 Companies Regulations (Auditors) Rules 2022 9 September 2022 In force view PDF