Registration and Incorporation

The Registration Authority, an independent body which has the powers to license and register ADGM establishments, is one of the core pillars of ADGM. The Registrar’s main functions under Companies and Commercial Licensing Regulations include:

  • Registration of ADGM establishments
  • Registration of business names and maintenance of the public register of companies in ADGM
  • Registration of post-incorporation documentation
  • Registration of changes in business name particulars
  • Registration of changes in directors, officers, shareholders and share capital
  • Enforcement of ADGM companies regulations, Cancellation of Commercial Licences, prosecution and strike off
  • Dissolution or restoration of ADGM establishments

  • The Process

    Each business will be required to fill out the required forms online through our ADGM Online Registry Solution. We also support applications through paper based forms however, please be aware that additional fees apply for paper submissions. To learn more about the steps involved in establishing a presence and incorporating a company in ADGM, please read the documents below, or click here to view FAQ’s.


    Getting started

    Create brief business plan and review the documentation requirements for the application

    Submit application

    Submit application and required documentation to the Registrar via the online system


    Provided all information is accurately submitted, the process can be completed within a few days 

    Guidance Notes

    The guidance notes provide information on completing the application to register an entity and should be read in conjunction with the relevant legislation. It does not cover other requirements as set out in the relevant legislation which includes contact with the court and other internal obligations that a company will need to carry out. Further advice from a specialist professional may be required.

    Supporting documents and templates

    Please refer to the section below for supporting documents such as Model Articles and Board Resolution templates.




    The schedule of fees can be located here


    All forms are made available on the ADGM Online Registry Solution.

    Should you require to submit hard copy paper form, please contact the Registration Authority by sending an email to

    Please note that filing of forms and supporting documents is accepted by the office of the Registration Authority in good faith without any need for the Registrar to inquire into the veracity and accuracy of every filing received by this office.


    Model Articles

    Resolutions Templates

    Annual Requirements