Registration of Charges

Where a company creates a charge, the Registration Authority will register charges against the name of the company in ADGM through applicable provisions of the relevant ADGM Regulations. The Registration Authority will include in the register of charges, a statement of satisfaction in whole or in part or a statement of the fact that all or part of the property or undertaking has been released from the charge or has ceased to form part of the company’s property or undertaking.

The Registration Authority will make the register of charges available to the public.

A person taking a charge over a company’s property shall be taken to have notice of another charge disclosed on the public register at the time the charge is created.

Application form is available on the ADGM Online Registry Solution.

Please note that filing of forms and supporting documents is accepted by the office of the Registration Authority in good faith without any need for the Registrar to inquire into the authenticity and accuracy of every filing received by this office.

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