Ongoing Obligations
All ADGM registered entities have regular obligations they need to meet and comply with in order to remain part of the ADGM community. These include:

Annual Filings
Annual Filings during the same period each year, which include Renewal of Commercial Licence, and Data Protection, Annual Returns and Annual Accounts.
Event-driven Filings
Event-driven filings including Appointment, Changes or Cessation of Directors, and Allotment of Shares
Real Property
The registration and declaration of all Real Property Interests located within Al Maryah Island including leases, mortgages, strata plans and transfer of registered property interests.
ADGM Data Protection Regulations
Adherence to ADGM Data Protection Regulations which set out the obligations of ADGM entities and the rights of individuals, in relation to the processing and privacy of personal data.
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Safeguarding your data

The ADGM Office of Data Protection is the independent data protection regulator, based within the Registration Authority, committed to promoting data protection within ADGM, and maintaining the register of Data Controllers, enforcing the obligations upon Data Controllers and upholding the rights of individuals.

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Fostering employment best practice

The Office of Employment Affairs is committed to promoting a fair balance of rights and obligations between employees and employers working within its jurisdiction.

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Providing certainty with rules and regulations

ADGM's progressive legal framework and the direct application of English common law provides entities and investors with certainty and peace of mind.

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Regulatory Reviews

The ADGM Regulatory Committee and the Appeals Panel promote proper observance of due process and provide procedural fairness to secure consistent, transparent and proportionate use of the FSRA’s powers.

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