New Practitioners


How to apply for registration

Pursuant to section 289 of the Insolvency Regulations, a natural person must be registered as an Insolvency Practitioner in accordance with the ADGM Insolvency Regulations (Insolvency Practitioner) Rules 2022 (the ‘Rules’) in order to be appointed as a receiver, administrative receiver, administrator, liquidator or provisional liquidator or an administrator of a Deed of Company Arrangement under the Insolvency Regulations.

Please complete the all sections of the application form. All sections must be completed with the required information.
The registration form applies for first time registration of the new applicants.

The registration form contains sections related to employment history, current membership maintained with the relevant professional body, professional indemnity insurance, security bonding, other relevant information about the practitioner.

Please refer to the check list of documents required for registration for further guidance.

Please lodge the form by email to the following email address:

For further information, please visit relevant pages of this micro site and read FAQs.