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    Online Registry Solution Portal

    Operating in ADGM eServices overview Online Registry Solution Portal

    Enhanced Registry Solution

    We have recently launched our Enhanced Registry Solution for all users of the portal.

    All records that were previously on the legacy portal have now been migrated.

    Existing users of the legacy portal will have received an email on Monday September 4th from the Registration Authority outlining the username and requesting to reset a password.

    If you were a user of the legacy portal and did not receive this email, please contact the ORS Support desk at ors.support@adgm.com or call us at +971 (0) 23338888.

    Enhanced Registry Solution We have recently launched our Enhanced Registry Solution for all users of the portal. Access the portal here Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    How will I know if my records were on the legacy or the new portal?

    The new portal initially launched for new users on December 18th 2022, if your username includes @portal.com this indicates that you have been using the new portal.

    The login pages for both systems are below to assist you in identifying which portal you have been using.

    If you are still unsure, please reach out to us at ors.support@adgm.com

    Legacy Portal

    Enhanced Portal

    Will I have to set up a new account?

    If you have an existing user on the portal, you will receive an email from the Registration Authority, notifying you of your username and requesting for you to reset your password. The link has an expiry date. Please review the email and take the necessary actions within the specified period. Once you have reset your password you will be able to login and view your records.

    What happened to my requests in progress?

    If you have any requests in progress on the legacy portal, you will be able to access this portal at: legacyreg.adgm.com, where you can proceed with your applications. Please note that this portal will be decommissioned for company, partnership and foundation services after 30 days.

    All applications that are in progress on the legacy portal will then be migrated to the new portal.

    Where can I access the legacy portal?

    The legacy portal can still be located at the following url: https://legacyreg.adgm.com/

    Which login details do I need to use?

    • For the new portal: you will have received an email from RA@adgm.com outlining your new login details and a password reset link. You should use these credentials to access the new portal
    • Legacy portal: your existing credentials will still be valid on the legacy portal until the decommissioning date.

    Will my historic filings and documents be visible on the new portal?

    Yes, historic filings and documents will be available. To view the documents please open the entity profile from the “Entity Profile(s)” section of the portal and proceed to the filings tab associated with the entity. Historic documents associated with the filings will be within each of the individual filings.

    I can’t locate some details related to my registrations

    • Entity Profile(s) – You can locate your registered entities (company, partnership, foundation)

    • Auditors – if you are a registered auditor you will locate the details within this header

    • Charges – Any registered charges can be located in this section

    • Reserved Names – Reserved name details are accessed here.

    • Leases – your registered Real Property Registrations


    If you are still unable to locate information, please contact us:

    1. Call us at +971 (0) 23338888

    2. Email us at ORS.support@adgm.com

    Is there anywhere to get support with the updated portal?

    If you need support you have a number of options available:

    1. Once you have logged in you can raise a case from your homepage and the team will contact you to support you.
    2. On the knowledge section of the portal, you will find the user manual, as well as guidance videos.
    3. Call us at +971 (0) 23338888
    4. Email us at ORS.support@adgm.com

    What are the features of the new portal?

    User Interface:

    Once you have logged into the portal, you will find a new and improved user interface, and ease of navigation to the required services.


    Direct Feedback Module:

    The RA want to focus on delivering improvements that will benefit the community, as such as implemented a direct feedback module to allow to submit feedback or suggestions related to the services or portal improvements.


    Payment Process:

    A wallet functionality has been added to the ORS, permitting users to top up the account in advance or at the payment stage. This will limit the number of times the user will have to add their card payment details when they are applying for multiple services / filings.


    Compliance Calendar:

    The RA have introduced a compliance calendar so all users with authority over an entity can quickly view when annual compliance filings are due.


    Quick Add Role Holders:

    With the updated portal, adding role holders will be easier. Functionality has been added to autofill details once the passport has been uploaded, as well as the ability to select and add details of persons that have previously been added.



    There has been an enhancement on the reminders available on the portal, to highlight where a passport registered against a role holder is due to expire. This will support our community in ensuring that required documentation is kept up to date.


    User Videos and Guides

    User Manual

    Enhanced Online Registry Solution (ORS) - User Manual

    User Videos

    Overview of Registry 2.0

    Registry 2.0 SR Initiation, Submission, Approval