Company service providers (CSPs)



ADGM’s Company Service Provider framework (“CSP Framework”) came into force on 12 April 2021.

The purpose of the CSP Framework is to ensure a robust regulatory regime for the provision of company services in ADGM that is aligned with international best practices and to support the ongoing growth of ADGM’s Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) and Foundations structures. 

The CSP Framework includes the following two key features:

  • 1. Persons providing or intending to provide company services in or from ADGM must meet the strengthened regulatory requirements set out in the amended ADGM commercial legislation and Rules; and
  • 2. Setting up and maintaining a “non-exempt” SPV or foundation in ADGM requires the appointment of an ADGM licensed Company Service Provider.

The Company Service Provider’s role is to submit incorporation applications, act as the registered office and primary point of contact for the Registrar as well as to submit ongoing company filings to the Registrar on the company’s behalf.

On 23rd February 2023, the CSP Framework was amended, introducing additional requirements for CSP Licensees including but not limited to,

  • mandatory annual certification of CSP staff;
  • filing of audited accounts annually (regardless of company size);
  • minimum regulatory capital;
  • minimum professional indemnity insurance cover; and
  • provision of an annual compliance return.

What are company services?

“Providing company services” under the Commercial Licensing Regulations 2015 (Controlled Activities) Rules 2023 means providing any one or more of the following services:

  • acting as an incorporation agent in connection with the incorporation or registration of ADGM body corporates;
  • providing company services to any body corporate incorporated or registered under the Companies Regulations 2020 or the Foundations Regulations 2017;
  • acting as a Registered Office Provider;
  • providing directors, secretaries, councillors, registered agent, or other officers to any body corporate in ADGM; or
  • providing nominee shareholders of companies to any body corporate in ADGM

“Registered Office Provider” means the business activity of providing registered office services to any body corporate in ADGM.

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