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Abu Dhabi boasts first-class infrastructure and unparalleled global connectivity, making it a premier international destination. Its exceptional qualities make it an ideal location to live, work, and conduct business.

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Latest initiatives ADGM’s Expansion to Al Reem ADGM Reinforces Presence in Al Reem Island with the launch of its Information Centre in Shams Boutik Mall
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A financial centre that provides transparency, efficiency, and integrity, through its progressive frameworks, future focused infrastructure, all within a familiar independent legal jurisdiction – ADGM is the perfect platform for success.

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Latest news ADGM’s Statement on the UAE’s Exit from the FATF List ADGM’s Registration Authority Fines Baker Tilly and its Audit Principal USD 62,500 for Audit Failings
Preserve our economies and environment for future generations

ADGM, the centre for a transparent and thriving sustainable finance ecosystem.

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Highlights ADGM, the Region's Leading Climate Finance Hub, Announces its Role as Principal Partner at COP28 ADGM Implements its Sustainable Finance Regulatory Framework
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At ADGM, we offer various support options, including contact details, FAQs, enquiry forms, and a whistleblowing form.

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  • List of licensed company service providers

    The table below lists all the entities that have been granted a licence by the Registration Authority to conduct Company Service Provider activities. A non-exempt SPV or foundation must appoint a CSP from the below list.

    This list is updated on a regular basis.

    # ADGM Licensed CSP Name Contact Name Email
    1 STROLLA LLP Alfred Strolla alfred@strollal.ae
    2 MAPLES FIDUCIARY SERVICES (MIDDLE EAST) LIMITED Norbert Neijzen adgm@maples.com
    3 IDARAH CORPORATE LIMITED Sepide Foroutan sepide.foroutan@idarah.com
    4 CROWE MAK LLP Umesh Narayanappa umesh.narayanappa@crowe.ae
    5 VISTRA (MIDDLE EAST) LTD Heba Al Emara info.me@vistra.com
    6 ALPHA MANAGEMENT LIMITED Zia Murad zia@alphamanagement.com
    7 CLARA FORMATIONS LIMITED Khushboo Dhanani formations@clara.co
    8 10 LEAVES LIMITED Rohit Ghai connect@10leaves.ae
    9 WALKERS PROFESSIONAL SERVICES (MIDDLE EAST) LIMITED Daniel Wood daniel.wood@walkersglobal.com
    10 JTC CORPORATE SERVICES (MIDDLE EAST) LIMITED Alia Haskouri adgm@jtcgroup.com
    11 SWISS GROUP LEGAL LTD Michael Lane adgm@swissgroup.ae
    12 BOTH CORPORATE SERVICES LIMITED  Anna Heystek  Anna@bothuae.com 
    13 OCORIAN CORPORATE SERVICES (ME) LIMITED  Nina Auchoybur  uae@ocorian.com 
    14 IN’P – IBRAHIM AND PARTNERS LTD  Malack Elmasry  malack.elmasry@inp.legal 
    15 ROSEMONT PARTNERS CORPORATE SERVICES LIMITED  Daniel Bowers   adgm@rosemont.partners  
    16 ELNAGGAR & PARTNERS LIMITED  Ahmed Elnaggar  adgm@elnaggarlegal.com
    17 MABA CORPORATE SERVICES LIMITED  Mariane De Guzman  m.deguzman@maba-csp.com 
    18 SOVEREIGN CORPORATE SERVICES ME LIMITED  Jocelyn Viernes  adgm@sovereigngroup.com 
    19 HISTORY LIMITED Igor Blindu  adgm@history.group 
    20 J. AWAN & PARTNERS LIMITED   Jehanzeb Awan jehanzeb@jawanpartners.com 
    21 INTERTRUST (MIDDLE EAST) LTD   Farida Azarioh farida.azarioh@intertrustgroup.com 
    22 EQUIOM CORPORATE SERVICES (MIDDLE EAST) LTD   Mitchell White mitchellwhite@equiomgroup.com 
    23 APEX CORPORATE SERVICES (ME) LTD   Abdelhamid Arafat abdelhamid.arafat@apexgroup.com              
    24 PRAXISIFM TRUST LIMITED  Daniel Toft uae@praxisifm.com 
    25 PIFM CORPORATE SERVICES LIMITED  Daniel Toft uae@praxisifm.com 
    26 GRIFFIN CORPORATE SERVICES LTD  Andrew John Baker andrew.baker@griffin-group.ae  
    27 KPI AHLI CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS  Mahesha Shetty Mahesh@kpi.co  
    28 M-HQ LTD  Rima Chodhri quote@m-hq.com  
    29 AMICORP ADVISORY LIMITED  Vikrant Pangam dubaido@amicorp.com  
    30 AL TAMIMI & CO. CORPORATE SERVICES LIMITED   Izabella Szadkowska I.Szadkowska@tamimi.com  
    31 ADS INVESTMENT SOLUTIONS LIMITED   Mira Azouqa mha.wam@ads-investments.com  
    32 TMF GROUP FIDUCIARY SERVICES LIMITED   Stewart Adams Stewart.adams@tmf-group.com  
    33 BANKS LEGAL LIMITED   Nathan Banks nathan@bankslegal.com  
    34 SANCTUARY CORPORATE SERVICES FZ LLC   Mukesh Poduval cs@sanctuary.ae  
    (formerly Mezzle Middle East Limited)
    Henzelene Healley henzie@thecounselservices.com  
    36 KALANTAR BUSINESS LAW GROUP LTD   Fatima Marjan fmarjan@kalantarlawgroup.com 
    37 ARGENTUM LAW LTD   Nicole Ruth Alva CSP@argentumlaw.com 
    38 MIDDLE EAST TRUSTED ADVISORS LTD   Dr. Rassan Robert Azhari ceo@azhari-law.com 
    39 BAKER TILLY MIDDLE EAST LIMITED  Aakriti Mago aakriti@bakertillyjfc.com  
    40 COMPLIANCE FORTE LLP  Syed Farooq Shah info@comply.ae 
    41 CLYDE SERVICES LIMITED  Pilar Fallon egc@clydeco.ae 
    42 GRANT THORNTON AUDIT AND ACCOUNTING LIMITED  Mr. Hesham Farouk Mohamed Mohamed Hassanin incorporations@ae.gt.com 
    43 RAD CORPORATE SERVICES LIMITED  Andrew Mackenzie info@radadvisory.ae 
    44 CBD FORMATIONS LTD  Carl Dowling formations@cbdcorporateservices.com 
    45 PWC LEGAL MIDDLE EAST LLP  Paul Arnold paul.a.arnold@pwc.com 
    47 TMF SERVICES B.V.  Stewart Adams Stewart.adams@tmf-group.com  
    48 PEREGRINE CORPORATE SERVICES LTD  Mazen Zein mzein@peregrine-corp.com 
    49 ASSISS LTD  Yasmina Al Amm assiss@assiss.com 
    50 Heritage Corporate Services Limited   Mr Bhipin Hurchund / Ms Marianne Domaille HeritageCorporateSL@heritagewealth.ae 

    Last updated: 16 February 2024