Registration Forms



All application forms for registration can be obtained from the Registration Authority (RA). Please email for a copy.

Application forms must be completed by the ‘Registered Auditor’ (auditor) applicant and for each ‘Registered Audit Principal’ (principal) nominated by the auditor.

If you wish to audit the financial statements of ADGM public interest entities (PIEs) and/or financial institutions (FIs), you must also complete the application form for Additional Permit(s). In this form, the Additional Permit Applicant nominates the audit principals it wishes to appoint in support of the Additional Permits.

The following forms can be obtained from the RA:

  1. Auditor registration form
  2. Audit principal registration form
  3. Audit principal relevant audit experience
  4. Additional permits form

For more details on the specific regulations and rules of the Auditors’ Framework, please visit the link here