New auditors


Requirements for becoming a Registered Auditor in ADGM

To register as a new audit firm, an ADGM Licensed Person needs to:

  • Complete the application form,
  • Provide supporting documentation to show to the Registration Authority (RA) it meets the eligibility criteria and is a fit and proper firm to carry out audit work,
  • Provide any other information relevant to the application that the RA may require,
  • Pay the relevant registration fees for both the firm and the principal(s), and
  • Comply with ADGM’s legal framework governing auditors.

Once the firm is registered, any individual who wishes to sign audit reports must then register as an audit principal. The procedure is:

  • Complete the application to become a registered audit principal,
  • Ensure the eligibility criteria for principals are met and supporting evidence is provided to the RA,
  • Provide evidence to support any other information the RA may require to process the application,
  • Pay the registration fee (applicable for each principal applying to sign audit reports), and
  • Comply with ADGM’s legal framework governing auditors (firms and principals).

Review time and process

Upon submission of the relevant application forms, the RA will review the application. The RA aims to turn around new applications within 10 business days.

However, the registration process may be delayed if information provided is incomplete or further information is required. In this case, the RA team will contact the nominated person at the firm for further information and clarification and may return the application for revision.

Upon re-submission of the application, any supplementary information will then be reviewed.