ADGMA launches 100 scholarships for learners from diverse backgrounds, powered by CFTE learning platform

ADGM 07/02/2022
  • Projected to grow at 26.87%, FinTech is a game changing industry with massive demand for skilled employees.
  • Half of the scholarships will be for women aiming to achieve Sustainable Development Goal # 5 of Gender Equality.
  • Supports in positioning UAE as leading Fintech and Business Hub.

With the aim to support region’s brightest minds accelerate their career in financial services, develop new FinTech skills and empower women workforce, Abu Dhabi Global Market Academy (ADGMA) in collaboration with the Centre for Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship (CFTE) London have announced 100 scholarships for those who want to acquire or advance skills in finance and technology and be part of this exciting sector while half of these scholarships will be given to women, supporting SDG goal number 5 of Gender Equality. FinTech or financial technology is nothing short of an economic revolution and is one of the fastest-growing sectors in finance today. The Global FinTech Market was valued at USD7301.78 billion in 2020 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 26.87%.

Digital payments, big data analytics, automated lending, artificial intelligence; blockchain for finance, cryptocurrency, almost every tech buzzword today is associated with fintech. Naturally, there is immense opportunity, and FinTech certification courses are the perfect way to begin the journey.

The ADGMA scholarship programme aims to help students and professionals from diverse backgrounds to obtain quality education so they are equipped to reinvent finance 2.0. The learners will utilise THINK, an e-learning platform to gain access to these advanced courses especially curated by over 200 finance experts who know what skills you must learn.

Each course offers a flexible learning approach covering diversified topics from Open Banking, Payments, Blockchain, AI, Central Bank Digital Currencies, RegTech and more aiming to plug a gaping hole in the industry’s talent deficit issues. Students will be provided unlimited access to short self-paced courses, exclusive fintech events, disruptive startup journeys and a vibrant global community. The courses will enable the learners with knowledge of the evolution and impact of fintech, trending customer needs, fintech ventures, models, ecosystems regulations and new initiatives.

Delighted to announce the scholarship programme, Hamad Sayah Al Mazrouei, Managing Director of ADGM Academy, said “UAE has identified Fintech development as a national priority and is leading the way in the MENA region. ADGMA understands the need to transform the knowledge and skill development and provide an ideal environment for the radical innovation in financial services. We are committed to help the region become future-ready as financial leaders with an important role to play in the global economy. And the best way to achieve this vision is partnering with CFTE to provide world class Fintech education.”

The launch of the scholarship programme is part of the commitment from ADGMA to promote and support diverse capability development in fintech and financial services and support the UAE National Agenda of 2021. The agenda aims to position the UAE among the leading nations in ease of doing business, innovation, and research and development indicators.

At ADGMA, supporting the goal of women’s economic empowerment is also a critical mission. “By giving gender focused scholarships we want women to know that our FinTech courses will open doors to higher paying jobs and careers and leadership roles, develop their skills and confidence to launch their own businesses using the power of their phones and FinTech apps and provide and opportunity for economic independence”, said Hamad Sayah Al Mazrouei, adding further.

“We believe in levelling the playing field by making quality education in fintech accessible to people from different regions and backgrounds. Making the industry more accessible to women is also a big part of our mission. In this regard, we have supported several initiatives to help people benefit from FinTech education across countries,” says Tram Anh Nguyen, CFTE’s co-founder.

ADGMA’s training programmes emphasize technology-driven tools and techniques that are crucial for the future of the UAE. The training programmes also aims to facilitate the UAE’s objective of transitioning into a competitive, knowledge-based economy.

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