ADGM underpins commitment to Sustainable Finance, partners with Global Green Finance Index

ADGM 20/10/2022

Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) and the Z/Yen Group announced earlier today a partnership between the Global Green Finance Index (GGFI) and ADGM, the leading international financial centre (IFC) of the capital of the UAE providing support for the development of the index and underpinning ADGM’s commitment to sustainable finance.

The Global Green Finance Index tracks the development of green finance across the world by rating the depth and quality of green finance undertaken in financial centres. The development of sustainable finance is crucial to delivering on the challenges of climate change, biodiversity and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainable Finance is a key focus area for ADGM, as a vibrant and thriving financial centre that supports capital formation, raising and deployment as well as the creation and issuance of products to achieve positive economic, social and environmental objectives. Initiatives led by ADGM such as the UAE Guiding Principles on Sustainable Finance, the Abu Dhabi Sustainable Finance Declaration, the Executive Certificate in Sustainable Finance and the Abu Dhabi Sustainable Finance Forum contributed to the rapid maturation of Abu Dhabi’s thriving sustainable finance industry.

Announcing the partnership, Dhaher bin Dhaher Al Mheiri, CEO of ADGM Registration Authority of Abu Dhabi Global Market said: “As a leading global financial centre, ADGM is pleased to contribute to GGFI’s efforts to establish a global standard reference for sustainable finance, and further underpin its collaboration with the Z/Yen Group in promoting the integration of ESG considerations into business models. ADGM is steps away from issuing its ESG regulatory framework, complementing its ongoing efforts to develop its sustainable finance ecosystem.”

Welcoming ADGM’s commitment to the Global Green Finance Index, Professor Michael Mainelli, Chairman of the Z/Yen Group said: “We welcome ADGM’s sponsorship of the Global Green Finance Index. With ADGM’s support, Z/Yen can further develop and enlarge the index’s work on measuring sustainability. We look forward to working with colleagues in ADGM on their 2019 Sustainable Finance Agenda highlighting the vital work financial centres perform delivering green finance to tackle climate change.”

To view the full report of GGFI 10, please click here: The Global Green Finance Index 10.