ADGM RA Issues Alert Concerning Fake RA Commercial Licence

ADGM RA 28/06/2022

Abu Dhabi, UAE, 27 June 2022 – The Registration Authority (RA) of Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) wishes to alert members of the public about persons issuing fake RA commercial licences and making false claims that non-ADGM companies are incorporated, registered or licensed in ADGM and falsely certifying the veracity of this licence. In addition, this person has also claimed that some companies are licensed to conduct certain types of business in or from ADGM when this is patently false.

Below is a copy of the fake commercial licence. This fake licence contains many readily apparent falsehoods and errors.

The issuance of this fake RA commercial licence appears to have been part of a greater attempted fraudulent scheme and could have resulted in significant financial losses to unwary companies. Here, a wrongdoer claimed that a certified Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) was needed to enter into a loan agreement. The funds for this purported loan would then be deposited into the SPV’s bank account at a bank located elsewhere in the UAE. This person also asked the intended victim to initiate a fund transfer through this apparently non-existent bank account which purportedly had been set up on behalf of the company.

It is a serious contravention of ADGM legislation to misrepresent that a company is incorporated, registered or licenced to conduct certain business in or from ADGM when it is not. This type of misconduct, which can result in a fine up to USD 15,000 per contravention, typically involves making these false claims to the public on a website, material contract, investor subscription form or other similar communications or documents.

The RA is particularly concerned that these false and misleading representations have the potential to fraudulently mislead members of the public to invest in these non-ADGM companies, in part, based on the incorrect belief that these companies are, or are about to be, incorporated, registered or licensed to carry on certain activities in or from ADGM. This type of fraudulent misconduct can result in fines of up to USD 50,000 and can also cause significant financial harm to unwary companies and individuals.

Members of the public and potential investors are encouraged to search ADGM’s online public Register of Companies to see if a company is incorporated in ADGM by going to

Using the “Company Search” function on that page, you can view the details of all ADGM registered and deregistered entities, including incorporated companies and registered branches of foreign companies in ADGM. Searching ADGM’s public Register of Companies is a free service.

The RA advises members of the public and potential investors to always exercise caution when contacted by a representative of any entity that purports that it will register, incorporate and obtain a license from ADGM to conduct business in or from the ADGM. In particular, this includes a solicitation for investment or loan agreements. Prior to investing in such companies, you should always exercise the appropriate due diligence, including confirming the entity’s current status and their license scope by checking the ADGM Register of Companies.