ADGM hosts bespoke Mediation Forum

ADGM Arbitration Centre 04/02/2020
Abu Dhabi Global Market

As a part of Abu Dhabi Global Market’s (ADGM) efforts to position the United Arab Emirates and Abu Dhabi as a leading destination for dispute resolution, ADGM, the award-winning international financial centre, hosted a bespoke half-day forum at the ADGM Arbitration Centre on Al Maryah Island. Remaining committed to fostering and supporting the development and rise of mediation in the region, the forum explored examples of mediation at work in the UAE and across the region and exchanged ideas from thought leaders on the future of mediation in significant sectors, with a focus in construction. The event was concluded with a networking session at Rosewood Hotel.

Bringing together experts from all over the region and beyond, the forum provided an opportunity for some of the most experienced lawyers specialising in construction disputes, highly regarded mediators from across the world and experts in jurisdictions that are embracing mediation to share their thoughts during a highly interactive and engaging discussion. Following a welcome address delivered by Linda Fitz-Alan, Registrar and Chief Executive of ADGM Courts, the audience was delighted to hear a keynote speech given by Mr Chuan Wee Meng, CEO of the Singapore International Mediation Centre. ADGM was pleased to host experts from centres with a proven track record of mediating disputes: the Saudi Centre for Commercial Arbitration, the Cairo Regional Centre for International Commercial Arbitration, The Lebanese Arbitration and Mediation Centre and Abu Dhabi Judicial Department.

Commenting on the Forum, Linda Fitz-Alan, Registrar and Chief Executive of ADGM Courts said: “As we have witnessed growing interest and receptiveness of parties in the region to embrace mediation, it was our pleasure to hold a forum which enabled a spirited discussion to take place on the benefits, challenges and opportunities of mediation, particularly in the construction industry. We feel a strong sense of responsibility when it comes to sharing our own ideas and experiences, and this forum has been another example of our thought leadership efforts in dispute resolution. I believe that through cross-cultural dialogue, experimentation and generation of ideas, mediation is on its way to becoming a significant part of the dispute resolution fabric for civil and commercial disputes.”

Mediation is a process in which a neutral third party, a mediator, helps parties involved in a dispute to negotiate a mutually acceptable settlement through facilitated communication, promotion of understanding, identification of needs of all involved parties and the use of creative problem-solving techniques. Unlike litigation or arbitration, a mediator does not make a decision and impose it upon the parties; the parties reach their own solution with the careful assistance and expertise of the mediator. Some of the advantages of mediation include: affordability; time efficiency; flexibility; party empowerment; and complete confidentiality. Please click here for information on Mediation in ADGM.


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