ADGM Appoints Members to New Appeals Panel

ADGM FSRA 07/03/2022

Following the announcement in January 2022 by the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) of the merger of two independent administrative bodies - the Regulatory Committee and the Appeals Panel - into one integrated body, the ADGM Board of Directors is now pleased to announce the appointment of five leading legal and regulatory professionals as members in the new Appeals Panel.

The new Appeals Panel is led by Mr Michael Brindle QC as President, with Ms Jane Diplock AO as Deputy President. The Panel as a whole comprises outstanding expertise in banking and finance, financial services regulation, commercial litigation, regulatory supervision, international arbitration, commercial dispute resolution and other relevant areas. The other members are Ms Patricia Robertson QC, Ms Rachel Eng, and Mr Andrew Whittaker.

The Appeals Panel is established to primarily review decisions made in the first instance by the FSRA and ensure the proper observance of due process and procedural fairness by the FSRA in exercising its duties and powers in a consistent, transparent and balanced manner. The Appeals Panel has full independence and authority for determining regulatory appeals and is independent of the ADGM Board of Directors, the FSRA, and the ADGM Courts to preserve its objectivity and impartiality.

Emmanuel Givanakis, CEO of the FSRA, said: “Strong governance and a commitment to due process underpin the regulatory framework of every world-class International Financial Centre. ADGM is no exception, and with the appointment of the Appeals Panel members by the ADGM Board, we continue to ensure an environment that is fair, efficient and transparent.”

For more details of the newly appointed Appeals Panel members, see here: Independent Review – Appeals Panel.