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Abu Dhabi boasts first-class infrastructure and unparalleled global connectivity, making it a premier international destination. Its exceptional qualities make it an ideal location to live, work, and conduct business.

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A financial centre that provides transparency, efficiency, and integrity, through its progressive frameworks, future focused infrastructure, all within a familiar independent legal jurisdiction – ADGM is the perfect platform for success.

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ADGM, the centre for a transparent and thriving sustainable finance ecosystem.

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Highlights ADGM, the Region's Leading Climate Finance Hub, Announces its Role as Principal Partner at COP28 ADGM Implements its Sustainable Finance Regulatory Framework
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    Sustainable Finance

    Initiatives Sustainable Finance

    Vibrant and thriving sustainable finance hub

    ADGM aims to develop a vibrant and thriving sustainable finance hub that supports capital formation, raising and deployment

    Regulation Awareness Collaboration Ecosystem Four Pillars

    Driving Sustainability Forward

    ADGM (Abu Dhabi Global Market), a leading international financial centre, supports the growth of sustainable finance and the acceleration of the UAE's green economy agenda. With a strong emphasis on transparency and governance, ADGM has emerged as a hub for sustainable finance in the region. It has successfully introduced the region’s first comprehensive sustainable finance regulatory framework, encompassing Funds, Portfolios, Bonds, Sukuks, Carbon-offsets as well as ESG Disclosures.

    ADGM has also led initiatives that have increased awareness of sustainable finance, fostered collaboration through the establishment of different stakeholder channels, and taken steps to nurture and support its thriving sustainable finance ecosystem.

    If you would like to understand more about our sustainable finance framework, please contact the ADGM team.

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    Key Components


    ADGM's robust regulatory framework for sustainable finance is pivotal to its sustainability program, both in terms of ‘greening finance’ and ‘financing green’.

    It includes the region’s most comprehensive ESG disclosure requirements for appropriate entities within ADGM, promoting transparency and accountability for environmental, social, and governance matters through disclosure against international standards.

    The expansion of ADGM’s markets framework to encompass ‘Environmental Instruments’, such as carbon offsets, has facilitated the establishment of the world's first regulated, voluntary carbon exchange in ADGM. Through its recognition and supervision of ACX, ADGM enables the regulated trading of carbon offsets, which in turn empowers companies to achieve their net-zero emissions targets.

    The framework for green and climate transition funds and portfolios, green and sustainability-linked bonds and sukuks is a significant step in enabling capital to be channelled towards financing the transition to net zero. In order to recognise products and services that are aiding the transition, ADGM will confer a designation on those that purport to meet its robust minimum standards. It will also permit ADGM’s “designation mark” to be used in marketing materials and client communications. A designation mark will provide investors with a level of confidence that those products and services purport to meet ADGM’s minimum standards, catalysing investors to channel capital towards the green transition.

    ADGM actively promotes the growth of green funds and green portfolios, encouraging investments in environmentally friendly projects. This fund category will help channel capital towards green assets, providing transparency for investors on the green fund credentials. ADGM’s sustainable finance framework is the first globally to establish a Climate Transition Fund investment vehicle category. The Climate Transition Fund will help route investment towards ‘greening’ assets, a key step toward the Net Zero Transition. Furthermore, ADGM plays a crucial role in facilitating the issuance of green bonds and green Sukuks (Islamic bonds), providing financial resources for sustainable projects.
    Key Components


    ADGM recognises the significance of fostering communication, knowledge, and awareness in the realm of sustainable finance. The centre takes an active role in engaging with government stakeholders, partners, associations, and community members, to promote education and disseminate information on sustainable finance practices.

    Through a range of channels, including global flagship events, seminars, workshops, and publications, ADGM ensures that market participants have access to the necessary knowledge and resources to make informed decisions in line with sustainable objectives.

    Key Components


    ADGM has created a number of platforms that enable industry professionals and experts to collaborate and exchange insights and best practices, while at the same time enhancing the understanding of sustainable finance among stakeholders. Together with other leading UAE authorities, in 2019 ADGM established the UAE Sustainable Finance Working Group (SFWG), to support delivery of the UAE government’s sustainable finance agenda and enabling close collaboration through joint initiatives among its members.

    The Abu Dhabi Sustainable Finance Declaration was also launched in 2019, with the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MoCCAE), the Central Bank of the UAE, and the Securities and Commodities Authority. The declaration has been signed by more than 100 entities.

    To find out more about the declaration click here.

    Key Components


    ADGM's unwavering dedication to sustainable finance is evident in its commitment to building a robust ecosystem. A key element of this ecosystem is the "State of Sustainable Finance Report" published by ADGM's ESG Intelligence.

    This report served as a valuable resource, offering insights, data, and analysis on sustainable finance trends, empowering the financial community to make more informed decisions aligned with sustainability goals.

    To create a vibrant sustainable finance hub, we are focused on four pillars

    Integration of sustainability into the regulatory framework of ADGM

    2023 ADGM Implements its Sustainable Finance Regulatory Framework 2022 Public Statement on Collaboration on Sustainable Finance in the UAE 2022 Proposals for a Sustainable Finance Regulatory Framework 2021 Sustainable Finance High-Level Statement 2020 Sustainable Finance Guiding Principles

    Building cooperation with national and international stakeholders

    Abu Dhabi Sustainable Finance Declaration ADGM Gender Equality Initiative

    Fostering communication, knowledge and awareness

    2023 Abu Dhabi Sustainable Finance Forum (ADSFF) - COP28 Edition 2023 Abu Dhabi Sustainable Finance Forum (ADSFF) 2022 Abu Dhabi Sustainable Finance Forum (ADSFF) 2021 Abu Dhabi Sustainable Finance Forum (ADSFF) 2021 Certificate on Sustainable Finance

    Creating a sustainable finance ecosystem in ADGM

    2020 State of Sustainable Finance Report 2019 ADGM Sustainable Finance Agenda