Gender Equality Working Group

  • The Gender Equality Working Group was launched in October 2020, following a roundtable organised by ADGM and the US Embassy UAE. One of the key findings from the roundtable and a subsequent white paper was the need for the formation of a working group comprised of private and public institutions. These institutions, both local and international, will serve as a platform for cooperation and collaboration and are aimed at driving meaningful and effective change.
  • Take actionable steps, either individually or as part of a task force, to overcome challenges and implement change.
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  • The members of the working group support the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to enhance gender equality across the workplace, promoting the involvement of women and girls as a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and a sustainable world.
  • The vision for the working group is for the members to unite and build momentum to bring about effective and sustainable change, in line with the UN's SDGs.


To utilise the collective talents and support the various initiatives that the working group members are leading, the members agree to:

  • Meet regularly to share information and updates about relevant initiatives and campaigns that support gender equality in the UAE and internationally;
  • Discuss specific topics that have been identified as obstacles to the progress of equality and work collectively to find solutions; and
  • Take actionable steps, either individually or as part of a taskforce, to overcome challenges and implement change.

Membership Benefits

The working group members are leaders and champions from the UAE and beyond, who are taking an active role to achieve the UN's SDGs on gender equality. The key benefits of membership include:

Being part of a group of likeminded people and organisations that share the same vision and are willing to support each other to accomplish individual or collective goals;

To participate in various capacity-building opportunities offered to the group either by members or third parties;

To network with representatives from a wide variety of backgrounds who may offer unique insights and connections; and

To benefit from emerging innovative business opportunities in Abu Dhabi, the UAE and internationally from organisations that are all working together for a common goal.

How to become a member of the working group

The organisations eligible to join include:

  • Financial institutions / institutional investors
  • Multilateral organisations
  • Policymaking bodies and government agencies
  • Corporates specifically interested in developing gender equality
  • Academic institutions with a focus on sustainable development

Interested institutions are requested to email us at

ADGM Chairman 

"Gender equality is the basis of a strong and progressive society. Sheikh Zayed, the father of our nation and a visionary, established the foundations for a gender-equal society and we aim to continue building on his legacy and accelerate progress in this direction.

We believe that providing a more balanced, better skilled and happier workforce is essential for the growth of an organisation and society at large. ADGM's commitment to gender equality is both the right thing to do and has been proven to be good for business globally."

His Excellency Ahmed Jasim Al Zaabi
Chairman of ADGM