ADGM Innovation Challenge

Connecting Startups to Leading Corporations to Deliver Innovative Solutions

The ADGM Innovation Challenge connects leading technology providers to corporate champions to address gaps or develop new products and solutions for the Middle East, South Asian and African market.

Structured as an annual scouting programme, startups from across the world are invited to submit their solutions to problem statements posed by corporates, financial institutions and regulators. The applications are carefully evaluated and whittled down to select finalists who will be invited to present their solutions in front of senior stakeholders. Winners will go on to work with corporate partners in a variety of manners, conducting PoCs and gaining commercial contracts.

Innovation Challenge applicants will be invited to join the ADGM Digital Lab, a community-led marketplace and virtual testing environment to accelerate the deployment of PoCs in a neutral environment supervised by ADGM FSRA.

2022 Challenge Statements

Corporate Champion Challenge Statement
ADGM FSRA How might we demonstrate proof of control and ownership of virtual asset wallets?
ADGM FSRA What tools and usecases might be developed that leverage the ADGM OpenReg Github repository in order to support regulatory compliance?
Aldar How might we better streamline the digital journey our customers take when acquiring their homes, by exploring new financing methods, seamless KYC and compliance tools and innovative digital payments technologies?
HSBC How might we help optimize transparency in securities borrowing and lending and decrease settlement cycles to result in shorter borrow/lend time?
HSBC How might we minimize operational risk through process automation to enhance data quality by reducing manual intervention?
HSBC How do we capture customer agreements in a way that HSBC systems can read without manual intervention?
HSBC How do we create an optimal digital onboarding solution for clients that is efficient in cost and delivery?
RAKBANK How might we use social media indicators when accessing SMEs credit applications so that we can improve bank credit decisions?
RAKBANK How might we use OCR to read unstructured data when accessing customer documents so that we can instantly inform them about follow up documents?
RAKBANK How might we build a recommendation engine when customers bank digitally with us that we can cross sell products and packages based on transaction pattern?


Benefits of participating in the Innovation Challenge

  • Gain exposure and an opportunity to work with a leading financial / regulatory institution to develop a PoC
  • Explore potential market expansion opportunities with support from Abu Dhabi Global Market as a strategic partner
  • Benefit from recognition as an entrant into one of the global fintech sector’s most unique and recognised challenges
  • Explore opportunities to showcase and develop your winning product in ADGM’s Digital Lab