ADGM presents the Inaugural Digital Lab Demo Day

ADGM presents the Inaugural Digital Lab Demo Day

The demo day will showcase the exciting collaborations undertaken by market participants in the ADGM Digital Lab with a focus on open banking, financial inclusion, and regulatory compliance (RegTech).

Accelerating Abu Dhabi’s innovation-driven digital transformation

One of the key challenges financial institutions encounter in their ability to adopt innovation is the process of procuring, and thereafter integrating with their legacy systems, digital solutions offered by FinTechs and other technology providers in a timely and cost-effective manner.

With the specific aim of solving this challenge, the ADGM Digital Lab is built with functionalities that enable testing and verification of new products or solutions prior to procurement, thereby expediting time to market for financial institutions in a cost-effective manner. Such functionalities include:

  • API-driven connectivity: enabling the use of APIs that meet international security and interoperability standards to connect between the systems of financial institutions and FinTechs or technology providers. Before listing an API on the Digital Marketplace, the API-provider is required to complete a conformance and certification process, which will help determine whether they have implemented each part of the standards correctly.
  • Docker images and containerisation: enabling financial institutions to easily replicate their core-banking systems in secure, access-controlled containers
  • Low-code workflow tools: empowering teams across financial institutions that may not have an IT background to collaborate together and use simple drag and drop functionalities to experiment with how new tech solutions can interact with and improve existing workflows or create / enhance products
  • Challenge notice board: through which ADGM Digital Lab users seeking tech solutions can post their problem statements and source solutions from the firms listed on the ADGM Digital Lab Marketplace. For instance, financial institutions may pose problem statements and invite fintechs and regulators to run and test proofs-of-concept (POCs) that can lead to eventual production.
  • Synthetic data generator: where access to synthetic data will facilitate innovation testing in full compliance with data protection requirements

Streaming live, Monday, 5 April 2021

  • Agenda

  • 10:00 - 10:05am
    Opening remarks
    H.E. Ruba Al Hassan, Executive Director of Ghadan 21, Acting Director General of Government Affairs, Abu Dhabi Department of Finance and Member, Board of Directors of Hub71
  • 10:05 - 10:25am
    Demo: Overview of the digital marketplace
    Barry West, Head of Emerging Technology, Financial Services Regulatory Authority, ADGM
  • 10:25 - 10:50am
    Panel: Leveraging a digital marketplace to accelerate collaboration
    Gabrielle Inzirillo
    , Head of Market Development, ADGM FSRA
    • Vadim Sobolevski, Co-Founder, FutureFlow
    • Nicolai Baldin, CEO and Founder, Synthesized
    • Izhar Arieli, Co-Founder and CEO, Tenure X
    • Shane Reidel, Founder and CEO, Elucidate

  • 10:50 - 11:25am
    The Knowledge Graph and Regulatory Genome Project
    • Anastasia Dokuchaeva, Head of Product, ClauseMatch
    • Vladimir Ershov, Head of Product, ClauseMatch
    • Emmanuel Schizas, Head of Product / Cofounder, Regulatory Genome Project
    • Chris Charlton, Chief Technology Officer, Regulatory Genome Project

  • 11:25 - 11:40am
    Building business use Cases: How founding partners are implementing the Digital Lab into their innovation toolbox
    • Holly Joint, Head of Major Programmes Office, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank
    • Gavin Payne, Head of FABRIC (FAB Research and Innovation Centre), First Abu Dhabi Bank
    • Maryna Razakhatskaya, Head of FinTech, First Abu Dhabi Bank
    • Andrius Anelauskas, Director of Client Relationships, Anglo Gulf Trade Bank
    • Ali Saleh Al Ali, Director of IT and Innovation, Etihad Credit Insurance

  • 11:40am - 12:00pm
    The venture capital viewpoint: How to accelerate traction and scale in the GCC
    Gabrielle Inzirillo
    , Head of Market Development, ADGM FSRA
    • Issa Aghabi, Founder and Managing Partner of Access Bridge Ventures
    • Jad Salame, Founder and Managing Partner, Phoenician Invest Ltd
    • Hasan Haider, Founder and Managing Partner, Plus VC

  • 12:00 - 12:25pm
    Regulators respond: Fireside chat with the CBUAE and ADGM
    Gabrielle Inzirillo
    , Head of Market Development, ADGM FSRA
    • Shu Pui Li, Advisor to H.E. the Governor of Central Bank of UAE
    • Wai Lum Kwok, Senior Executive Director, ADGM FSRA

  • 12:25 - 12:30pm
    Closing remarks
    Emmanuel Givanakis, Deputy CEO, ADGM FSRA