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Abu Dhabi boasts first-class infrastructure and unparalleled global connectivity, making it a premier international destination. Its exceptional qualities make it an ideal location to live, work, and conduct business.

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A financial centre that provides transparency, efficiency, and integrity, through its progressive frameworks, future focused infrastructure, all within a familiar independent legal jurisdiction – ADGM is the perfect platform for success.

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ADGM, the centre for a transparent and thriving sustainable finance ecosystem.

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    Financial Services Regulatory Authority

    Authorities Financial Services Regulatory Authority

    Supporting and facilitating all financial activities in ADGM

    ADGM believes that a fair, efficient and transparent marketplace is fundamental in meeting the dynamic and growing needs of the Abu Dhabi economy and global markets. ADGM’s Financial Services Regulatory Authority was established to advocate a progressive financial services environment and uphold the integrity of the whole international financial centre by managing any potential risk exposure and undesirable impacts.

    The regulatory framework of the FSRA, the regulations and rules of which are modelled on internationally recognised standards and best practices, ensure that financial entities operate in ADGM with certainty and do so on a level-playing field, and that the best interests of customers, clients and investors are safeguarded.

    The FSRA has an open and progressive approach in the maintenance and development of its regulatory framework, looking towards the international standard-setting bodies and responding to market innovations, and undertaking meaningful stakeholder engagement through public consultations, when considering amendments to its regulatory framework

    Activities & Forms Laws, Regulations & Rules Publications & Reports FSRA Public Register Regulatory Cooperation

    Activities and Forms

    Committed to operating a fair, efficient and responsive regulatory environment for its market participants and stakeholders both in the UAE and internationally.

    Financial services entities in ADGM need to meet specific obligations set out by the FSRA. These obligations are in addition to standard obligations that all ADGM registered entities are required to meet. The FSRA adopts a risk-based approach to regulation, focusing our efforts on those activities that we perceive as posing the greatest risk to the furtherance of our objectives. Playing a critical role in fulfilling the objectives of ADGM, the FSRA acts swiftly and decisively to address and deter conduct that may adversely affect the integrity of the ADGM or the stability of the financial services industry in the ADGM. ADGM is committed to promoting sound practices in financial crime compliance which include AML/CFT, and compliance with international tax reporting obligations including FATCA and CRS. The FSRA in its capacity as the Listing Authority is responsible for Offers of Securities as well as admission of Securities to the Official List as a prerequisite for their admission to trading on a Recognised Investment Exchange. The Financial Services Regulatory Authority welcomes financial services firms that wish to establish their presence in ADGM. An applicant will be required to fill out the requisite forms when making an application to conduct financial services regulated activities in ADGM. The forms include guidance notes and should be read in conjunction with the relevant legislation. ADGM has an advanced regulatory framework for financial services, particularly for fintech, providing clarity, transparency and security for entrepreneurs and their investors. The Appeals Panel is in place to promote proper observance of due process. Learn more about how the Appeals Panel helps ensure consistency, transparency and the proportionate use of the FSRA’s powers. The FSRA assesses regulatory complaints concerning potential contraventions of regulations and rules that the FSRA administers, potential misconduct by any person that it regulates, or any conduct that will prevent the FSRA from meeting its objectives...

    Laws, Regulations and Rules

    The Federal Legislation, including the UAE Constitution, established ADGM as a financial free zone.

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    All governance, legislative, and regulatory framework and activities to be carried on in ADGM is set out by Abu Dhabi Law No. 4 of 2013.

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    Financial Services and Markets Regulations (FSMR) establishes the legislative and regulatory framework for financial services in ADGM, and has been broadly modelled on the UK's Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (FSMA) and other related legislation.

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    ADGM and its three Authorities issue relevant Guidance, based on English common law, to communicate and explain the principles that underpin the legal framework.

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    ADGM informs the public and marketplace about its plans and invites comments on proposed initiatives and amendments to rules through public consultations.

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    An Authorised Person may apply to the FSRA for a waiver or a modification of specific regulatory requirements. The firm shall submit written details of the reason for the request and all relevant facts to support the application.

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    ADGM Authorities have and will continue to issue relevant notices and circulars to explain changes and updates to stakeholders.

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    Publications and Reports

    FSRA Business Plan 2024

    FSRA Business Plan 2024

    ADGM Financial Crime Report 2021-2022

    ADGM Financial Crime Report 2021-2022
    FSRA Public Register The public can access vital information about a financial services entity or related individuals including contact details and the types of financial services activities an entity can carry out in ADGM. Search the Public Register Regulatory Cooperation ADGM's FSRA continues to build bridges with fellow regulators and leading industry bodies, foster collaboration and effective cross-border co-operation. The FSRA actively engages with national and international financial services regulators, through its wide network of multilateral and bilateral MoUs with international regulatory authorities and financial centres. The FSRA is also a signatory to the IOSCO Multilateral MoU and Enhanced MMoU as well as to the IAIS MMoU. Requests for Information or Assistance from counterparts may be submitted to MMoU.Requests@adgm.com. The FSRA is a member of the International Organisation of Securities Commissions (IOSCO); Basel Committee Consultative Group (BCG); International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS); Islamic Financial Services Board (IFSB); World Alliance of International Financial Centres (WAIFC); Network of Central Banks and Supervisors for Greening the Financial System (NGFS); and the International Network of Financial Centres for Sustainability (FC4S).