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The Fintech Nations Global Hackathon

The Fintech Nations Global Hackathon

The FinTech Nations Hackathon & Summit is now open for all!

Open banking, payments technologies and open API are revolutionizing the world of finance.

Come join global financial leaders, venture capital firms, tech giants, promising start-ups on a virtual fintech hackathon unveiling the future trends of fintech, gain new insights and network with industry leaders.

85 countries, 150 cities, 100 speakers, 1,000 participants.

FinTech Nations Summit

Learn more at the Fintech Nations website.

Fintech Nations is an initiative in which the Israel Ministry of Foreign affairs together with global fintech partners, start-ups, scaleups and established companies from Israel, Hong Kong, Singapore, U.K., UAE, Denmark, Australia, Netherlands, U.S. and other fintech leaders around the world will join forces to produce innovative solutions.

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01 March 2021

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The Fintech Nations Global Hackathon