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    Abu Dhabi International Dispute Resolution Forum

    RESOLVE 2023

    The 2nd Annual RESOLVE took place on 06 March 2023

    Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) is pleased to have successfully delivered the second edition of RESOLVE 2023 (the Forum), an Abu Dhabi International Dispute Resolution Forum, with the resounding support of more than 2400 physical and virtual participants from around the globe.

    On Monday, 6 March 2023, RESOLVE is back, with a focus on the topics that matter and keep industry leaders awake at night. We will hear from various panels and keynote speakers, who will stretch the audience to ‘think big and be bold’ about the future in dispute resolution and how we can all play our part to make it a success.

    As organisations around the world grapple with new climate targets, technology disruption, sanctions and regulatory oversight, this year’s Forum will delve into the rapidly evolving legal landscape in the face of constant upheaval.

    RESOLVE is a platform for global heavy hitters to provoke, challenge and encourage the industry to drive change for a sustainable future. Collaboration, networking and the fostering of new relationships is also the focus of the platform, with no stone left unturned in how we can support and generate business, success and prosperity for the dispute resolution community.

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    The topics for RESOLVE reflect the views and concerns of international businesses and investors of the most pressing challenges that the legal profession must address in the immediate future. We have identified these topics in order to leave no stone unturned in how the legal profession can support and drive impactful change for the prosperity of their clients.

    Our speakers will share their insights and creative ways of approaching these topics: recognising the challenges they present; exploring options for their effective resolution; and transforming them into potential opportunities.

    Anticipating and Mitigating ESG-Related Risks and Disputes

    Climate change and sustainability are the defining issues of this decade. The commercial and reputational costs of “getting ESG wrong” are high, but as companies have learned to address ESG requirements in a coordinated way, ESG claimants have also coordinated their approach, and the range of defendants, subjects of disputes and claimants continue to diversify.

    In the lead up to COP28 and in the UAE’s “Year of Sustainability”, this session will delve into the vast array of potential sustainability disputes, including climate change litigation, energy transition, investor-state matters, as well as increased consumer and regulatory scrutiny arising from allegations of “greenwashing”.

    Web3: Legal Sector Implications and Opportunities

    Estimated to boost global GDP by 1.76 trillion dollars over the next 10 years, Web3 technologies such as NFTs, digital assets, DAOs, and metaverses and the AI that will power them are rapidly gaining mainstream attention. Whilst innovative, these technologies are also disruptive and challenge the traditional assumptions of how legal systems operate, making it difficult to apply existing legal frameworks for drafting contracts, filing documents, storing records and establishing trademarks.

    This session will look at real-world examples and current trends across the legal landscape of Web3 and how it may be shaped in the future.

    AML/CFT and sanctions

    AML/CFT and sanctions regulations are instrumental in preventing, detecting, and combating money laundering, terrorist financing, corruption, and other crime. The 2009 financial crisis unearthed a myriad of problematic activity and regulatory gaps, which led to a significant increase in government regulation for banks and other financial institutions. 2009 was also (perhaps not coincidentally) the year that Bitcoin, the first decentralised cryptocurrency, made its debut. The increased regulatory environment for traditional banks coupled with the rapid growth of non-traditional (and largely unregulated) digital currencies over the past decade have created the perfect storm for an ever-growing and more elusive corridor of illicit funds, terrorist financing, and money-laundering.

    So what does today’s regulatory environment hold for global and regional banks and corporates? How are government regulators enforcing their laws in a globalised, high-tech world? How should businesses address these threats and minimise risk in today’s world? Our panel of speakers will cover these questions from the very different perspectives of regulators, traditional banking institutions, and digital currency providers.

    Planes, Trains and Automobiles

    From flying cars and sustainable cities, to transformative rail and airport projects, and all the overstretched supply chains in between…what's really going on in the UAE's construction, infrastructure and transport sectors? RESOLVE will explore the Emirates’ current priorities and insights into a sustainable future ahead.

    Featured Speakers

    Hillary Clinton

    Former US Secretary of State

    Amir Ghavi

    Partner & Head of Technology, Fried Frank LLP

    David Kavanagh

    Legal Director – Investments, G42/42XFund

    Duncan Miller

    Senior Counsel, 7 Wentworth Selborne Chambers / Maxwell 42 Chambers

    Iryna Telychko

    General Legal Counsel, Etihad Rail

    Laurie Achtouk-Spivak

    Partner, Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP

    Marcos Muller Habig

    Acting Chief Executive Officer, 42 Abu Dhabi

    Mariam AlQubaisi

    Head of Sustainability & Business Excellence, Etihad Airways

    RESOLVE 2023 sessions are available to watch online

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