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Abu Dhabi boasts first-class infrastructure and unparalleled global connectivity, making it a premier international destination. Its exceptional qualities make it an ideal location to live, work, and conduct business.

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A financial centre that provides transparency, efficiency, and integrity, through its progressive frameworks, future focused infrastructure, all within a familiar independent legal jurisdiction – ADGM is the perfect platform for success.

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    DLT Foundations Framework

    DLT Foundations Framework

    World’s First Framework for Blockchain Foundations and DAOs

    This purpose-built framework, created in collaboration with industry participants, sets a global benchmark by addressing the unique regulatory and operational needs of the DLT and Blockchain sector, thereby providing a legal structure for Blockchain Foundations and DAOs.

    The Framework fully acknowledges Virtual Assets, enabling the issuance of tokens as well as facilitating token governance. It allows entities to set up with no bylaws, thereby enabling a variety of governance methods, including token voting and the use of smart contracts.

    With provisions for migration from other jurisdictions and legal fencing to shield the entity assets from foreign claims, coupled with the absence of a physical presence requirement, the Framework extends a warm welcome to Foundations and DAOs, whether they wish to set up brand new entities, satellites, or migrate completely.

    Ingrained in the direct application of English Common Law, ADGM’s legal framework offers a universal appeal, fostering a prosperous digital asset ecosystem within a globally recognised jurisdiction.

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    Why Choose ADGM DLT Foundations? Unique Benefits Resources Contact Us

    Why Choose ADGM DLT Foundations?

    Tailored Framework

    Created specifically for the DLT and Blockchain industry, addressing unique regulatory and operational requirements.


    Recognition of decentralized governance, allowing community participants to have authority and control while having no physical presence requirements.

    Regulatory Clarity

    Well-defined legal and regulatory guidelines for token issuance, holding, and governance.

    Global Precedence

    The first-of-its kind regime designed for Blockchain Foundations and DAOs.

    Tech-led Governance

    Developed in collaboration with industry participants to ensure alignment with the latest developments.

    Independent Legal Personality

    DLT Foundations as ownerless legal structures that can sue and be sued, operating in accordance with the Objects defined by the Founders.

    Straightforward Establishment

    Provides a straight-forward process of establishing as a new entity or migrating overseas Foundations to the UAE.

    Business-Friendly Ecosystem

    Providing access to a vibrant ecosystem with reduced bureaucracy, enabling entities to focus more on core operational activities, thus fostering efficiency and growth.

    360° Regulatory Support

    Providing comprehensive support for blockchain activities to facilitate a holistic and efficient regulatory ecosystem.

    Unique Benefits of DLT Foundations

    There are several key features and benefits that render ADGM’s DLT Foundations a unique proposition for blockchain foundations, DAOs, and other DLT-focused entities. From robust security and innovative governance to active industry participation, establishing independent legal personalities, and offering a flexible scope of activities, DLT Foundations sets a global benchmark, fostering a thriving ecosystem.

    Purpose-built for
    the Industry

    Tailored framework addressing the unique needs of Blockchain Foundations and DAOs.

    Innovative Governance

    Facilitating decentralized governance through token voting and smart contract-enabled processes.

    Independent Legal

    Establishing ownerless legal structures that can engage in legal proceedings.

    Token Issuance

    Well-defined legal and regulatory guidelines for issuing tokens.

    Token Rights

    Clear guidelines on token rights, promoting transparent governance.

    Legal Fencing

    Protecting Foundation's assets from foreign claims.

    No Physical
    Presence Requirement

    Flexibility with operational setup without mandatory physical presence.

    Migration of
    Existing Foundations

    Smooth migration process for existing foundations from other jurisdictions.

    Ongoing Collaboration with
    the Industry Participants

    Continuous engagement with industry stakeholders to align with evolving market needs.

    No Bylaws

    Operational flexibility with an absence of bylaws, promoting diverse governance methods.

    Efficient Setup

    Quick registration and competitive setup cost, ensuring a streamlined entry and operational readiness.


    Access to a vibrant, business-friendly ecosystem fostering operational efficiency and growth.



    The newly implemented legislative structure is designed to provide a comprehensive framework for DLT Foundations and Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs).

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    The Board of Directors of Abu Dhabi Global Market, in exercise of the powers conferred by section 68(3) of the DLT Foundations Regulations 2023, hereby makes the following Rules.

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    International Accounting Standards

    The Board of Directors of Abu Dhabi Global Market, in exercise of the powers conferred by section 68(3) of the DLT Foundations Regulations 2023, hereby makes the following Rules.

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    Company Service Providers

    ADGM partners with several company services providers who submit and manage incorporation applications with the Registrar, and support ongoing filings on behalf of the business.

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    Registered Auditors

    ADGM’s registered auditors are responsible for reinforcing and maintaining trust in financial reporting to ensure transparency and integrity of businesses operating in the jurisdiction.

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