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In partnership with Abu Dhabi Judicial Department, ADGM Courts offer a Notary Public service for all ADGM registered entities.


The term "Notary Public" refers to a person who is accredited, authorised, or licensed by Abu Dhabi Judicial Department to attest and notarise documents and to practise all of the functions specified under Law No. (11) of 2017 concerning the Notary Public in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi (the Law). The Notary Public of ADGM Courts is authorised by the Judicial Department to carry out notarial acts for ADGM registered entities only.


ADGM Courts’ Notary Public can: notarise documents and records as required by the Law or as requested by a concerned party; authenticate signatures of concerned parties; and verify the date of documents. The Notary Public can also attest and notarise all declarations and affirmations according to the provisions of the Law. Documents to be notarised must not be in contravention of the Law or against public order, and must not fall under the notary prohibitions, or under any other local jurisdiction, as prescribed in Article No. (1) of the Law.


ADGM Courts’ Notary Public services are fully digitised. Appointments can be made only via the ADGM eCourts Platform. At the time of making an appointment, you will be required to upload a copy of all documents to be notarised. You will also be requested to provide a range of your available dates and times for the notarisation appointment. ADGM Courts’ Notary Public will endeavour to fix an appointment within your preferred dates and times, however this cannot be guaranteed. Please refer to the “Requirements” page for a list of all of the requirements to making an appointment and for the notarisation of documents.


The fees for ADGM Courts’ Notary Public service are set and payable to Abu Dhabi Judicial Department pursuant to Law No. (13) of 2017 Concerning the Judicial Fees in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. ADGM Courts do not charge any additional fee for this service. Please refer to the “Fees” page for all notarisation fees.



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