Shaping the future of the international financial landscape

ADGM Authority was established in 2021 following approval by ADGM's Board of Directors. It is mandated to facilitate the achievement of ADGM's vision to be one of the leading international financial centres on a global scale. The Authority brings together strategic and support functions to ensure the continued provision of best-in-class services that continue to enable the development of ADGM as a whole.

The Authority plays a pivotal role in driving ADGM's growth by leveraging the trends emerging across the international financial services sector and the developments associated with the post pandemic world.



To enable ADGM to achieve growth and solidify its position as one of the leading international financial centres


To facilitate the promotion of economic and financial sector growth through a world-class innovative financial centre

Key Strategic and Support Functions

The ADGM Authority comprises key strategic and support functions

Strategy Division

Creating impact through strategy and planning over all horizons to ensure ADGM continues to thrive and meet its stakeholders' needs

Business Development Division

Laying the foundations for critical growth and long-term value creation for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi through building enduring relationships across a broad range of stakeholders and markets

IT Division

Connecting ADGM through ensuring leading information technology infrastructure using state-of-the-art technology and new ideas

Human Resources Division

Attracting and retaining top talent for ADGM, ensuring it remains at the leading edge of the international IFC landscape

Finance Division

Managing and deploying ADGM's financial resources to ensure sustainable growth and longevity

General Services Department

Building and preserving the vibrant ADGM ecosystem through the provision of best-in-class services across a range of areas

Marketing & Corporate Communications Division

Communicating ADGM's unique value proposition to a broad range of stakeholders from internal, external, local and international, to provide increased awareness of ADGM and its offering

Procurement Division

Adroitly managing public tenders and vendors to acquire the services required to further bolster ADGM's offering

Office of Information Security and Enterprise Risk Management

Upholding data protection and mitigating potential threats standard business operations to enhance trust and confidence in ADGM