COVID-19 Related ADGM Circulars and Services Information

ADGM Issued Circulars


Circular no (4) of 2020
Effective date 11 March 2020

Ban on Serving Shisha

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Circular no (14) of 2020
Effective date 29 March 2020

Maximum proportion of staff working in office

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COVID-19 Implications for Data Protection


Guidance note COVID-19 Implications for Data Protection

Visas and Government Services


As of Saturday, 14th March the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship imposed new rules regarding the entrance of visitors to the UAE. These rules were put in place to safeguard the health and safety of the people and residents of the UAE, due to the recent coronavirus (COVID-19) situation.

As such, no new entry permits are being processed post 17th March, as well as those applicants who had entry permits issued before this date, but are not yet in the country, will not be granted entry.

If you are due to complete your medical screening, please note no appointments will be made available to applicants who have inside the country for less than 14 days.

As of 19th of March, entry has been suspended to the UAE for residence visa holders who are abroad, starting at noon today for two weeks.

Any additional changes to the services will be announced through the ACCESSADGM platform.

Please note that the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation has launched an new service "Twajudi Residents". This service will enable valid UAE Residents visa holders who are currently outside UAE to register their information in this service, which will enable MOFAIC to contact them in order to arrange and coordinate for them to come back to the UAE.
Service can be accessed via the following link:

For any enquiries regarding visa services please email:

Document Collection


Original Licenses:

In an effort to safeguard the health and safety of our staff and community, we have temporarily suspended the collection of original documentation until May 3rd. All available appointments after this time will be shown on the appointment booking link.

Corporate Services:

Any corporate services requests received through the Online Registry Solution will be processed, however,only electronic copies are available.
For any enquiries or support please email: