We are committed to promoting the integrity and soundness of ADGM's financial system. In supervising regulated firms, we aim to prevent, detect and restrain conduct that may cause damage to the reputation of ADGM.

Applying a risk-based approach to supervision, our interactions with firms are designed to be proportionate to their size, complexity and the types of regulated activities conducted. 

We   aim   for   an   open,   transparent   and   co-operative relationship   with   regulated   firms, maintaining an on-going dialogue with the firm’s senior management in order to remain updated in  terms  of  the  firm’s  financial  position  and business activities.

ADGM also  seeks  to  reinforce  the  responsibility of senior management for the culture, behaviour and  governance  of  the  firm,  to  ensure  financial soundness,  fair  dealing  and  compliance  with regulatory standards.

To help guide your business efficiently, ADGM continually issues various documents and notices to numerous documents and notices.