Dhaen Mohamed Al Hameli

Board Member


Mr. Dhaen Al Hameli is the Executive Director of ADIA’s Core Portfolio Department (CPD). The Department comprises of Central Treasury, Trading, and the Total Portfolio Solutions Group. CPD enables ADIA’s Total Portfolio Management strategy through funding implementation, beta replication and execution He is responsible for the overall management of the Department specifically in the areas of investment strategy, performance, risk, and organisational development.

Mr. Al Hameli joined ADIA in 2006 as a Credit Analyst in the Fixed Income & Treasury Department. During his time with the Credit team, he managed the Telecoms, Media, and Technology portfolio and covered-bond portfolio. In 2009, he moved to the Department’s External Fixed Income team where he focused on hiring external managers alongside his day-to-day duties.

In 2011, Mr. Al Hameli was promoted to Deputy Director and was responsible for managing ADIA’s liquidity needs and cash investments in the short-term money markets, as well as overseeing a global portfolio of investments across a broad range of fixed income securities.

In 2017, Mr. Al Hameli was promoted to Executive Director of the Fixed Income & Treasury Department where he successfully implemented a Single Pool investment strategy and increased the number of actively managed assets. Mr. Al Hameli holds a number of additional active roles within ADIA, including serving as Second Vice Chair to the Management Committee and a member of the Investment Committee.

Mr. Al Hameli is a Board member of Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) and Abu Dhabi Global Markets (ADGM). He previously served as a Board Member of InvestAD 2015 – 2019, The Arab Investment Company (TAIC) 2012 – 2015 and Integrated Capital 2015 – 2017. He has also served as Chair of the Executive Committee of Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA) 2017 – 2018, and as a Board Member of Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA) 2015 – 2018.

Mr. Al Hameli has a BSc in Finance from Concordia University in Montreal. He has been a CFA charterholder since 2008