The Gulf Falcons

One of the most notable outcomes from Abu Dhabi Finance Week (ADFW) was the unveiling of the Falcon Economy concept, which symbolizes the UAE’s economic ascent supported by Abu Dhabi’s growth as a leading global business hub.

During the ADFW keynote presentation, The Economic Transformation of the Middle East, chief economist, Dr Nasser Saidi, explains how the region is becoming a global financial powerhouse through the role of the SWFs and international financial centres, by driving greater economic integration and transformation, with investment focused on new and disruptive technologies. Dr Saidi produced a report that provides further information on the region’s economic transformation in The Rise of the Gulf Falcons Report.

Download The Rise of the Gulf Falcons Report

The Concept of the Falcon Economy

The Falcon Economy is a concept that highlights the UAE region’s economic growth and its macroeconomic stability, despite global market challenges. Driven by its strategic vision, the UAE in particular, has continued to raise standards of living and attract talent, particularly as it uses its financial resources to invest in key growth drivers of transformation, including diversification, world-class infrastructure, and digitalisation.

The ADGM Falcon

The falcon is an important part of UAE culture, admired for its strength, courage, and vision. During Abu Dhabi Finance Week, and to mark the announcement of the ‘Falcon Economy’, ADGM worked with renowned Emirati artist, Mattar Bin Lahej, to produce a stunning sculpture to symbolise the UAE’s economic path towards new horizons, in line with the nation’s vision for the future.