Wealth and Succession Planning
Trusts, foundations and family offices

ADGM provides a unique, attractive and stable platform for family wealth management needs. It offers a comprehensive suite of products and solutions to provide the flexibility needed to effectively preserve and manage your family wealth. It is also home to a significant number of advisors who are familiar with using the ADGM product suite to manage family wealth.

ADGM's broad range of structures and solutions can be used to optimise family wealth planning and organise family businesses, whether assets and subsidiaries are held in ADGM, UAE or overseas. 

ADGM Holding Companies and Special Purpose Vehicles can be used to effectively structure family interests and ensure that assets are protected, and held in the most tax efficient manner. We value transparency, yet also include options for increased discretion for situations that reasonably merit less public disclosure. 

In addition, ADGM's Trusts regime and Foundations regime further enhance the offerings for Family Offices to better meet their requirements.

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