Fintech Abu Dhabi Innovation Challenge

Terms and Conditions

  1. The ADGM Innovation Challenge 2021 (IC2021) is open to any FinTech businesses or technology providers who wish to develop a Proof of Concept solution in relation response to a specific challenge statement set out by of a specified financial institution or government entity (Corporate Champion) on the ADGM Digital Lab.
  2. Applicants to IC2021 will:
    1. Need to submit their application for challenge statements they are interested in via the ADGM Digital Lab.
    2. Be assessed against the evaluation criteria published and each challenge statement published on the ADGM Digital Lab and may be subject to additional assessment criteria by the Corporate Champion.
  3. Applicants shortlisted by the Corporate Champions will be invited to pitch their solution at the FinTech Abu Dhabi Festival 2021. The winners chosen for each challenge statement by the Corporate Champions will also be announced at the FinTech Abu Dhabi Festival (Challenge Winner).
  4. The Challenge Winners will then proceed to build out Proofs of Concepts with their relevant Corporate Champions and will be awarded a stipend from ADGM. The stipend amount will be specified in each Challenge Statement.
  5. By applying to enter into IC2021, applicants are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions.
  6. Any amounts expressed in these terms and conditions are in US dollars. Payment of any amounts to which Challenge Winners are entitled is subject to the UAE’s Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing laws.
  7. Eligibility Criteria for Stipend payments

  8. Each Challenge Winner is eligible to receive a cash stipend (Stipend). The Stipend will be paid by ADGM , the amount of which will be specified along with the Challenge Statement on the ADGM Digital Lab challenge noticeboard. The Stipend will be payable to the Challenge Winner once they successfully register on the ADGM’s vendor registration system by 30 December 2021 (Claim Period) and completing any additional requirements that may be required by the Corporate Champion. Guidance on the registration process will be provided by ADGM to the Challenge Winners.
  9. Any Stipend that is not claimed during the Claim Period will be null and void, and the Challenge Winner will have no right or entitlement to the Stipend after the Claim Period.
  10. Payment of each Stipend by the ADGM will be made by bank transfer.
  11. Intellectual Property

  12. All pre-existing Intellectual Property (IP) set out in the IC2021 application will remain the property of the applicant. By providing the information in the application, the applicant will not transfer any of their IP rights to ADGM or the Corporate Champion.
  13. Any new IP developed in the Proof of Concept solution will be held jointly or solely by the Corporate Champion and/or the Challenge Winner, as agreed between them.
  14. In submitting a IC2021 application, the applicant automatically grants to ADGM a perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, worldwide and non-exclusive licence to use, store, and copy the content of the application for the purposes of IC2021, as ADGM determines.
  15. Marketing

  16. The applicant automatically grants to ADGM an irrevocable, royalty-free, worldwide and non-exclusive licence to use, store, and copy branded materials and trademarks (such as logos) that belong to them for the purposes of marketing and promotion of IC2021.
  17. Personal Data

  18. Where an applicant provides any personal data to ADGM, the applicant warrants that the information is complete, true and accurate. The applicant must not apply for IC2021 under the name of another person.
  19. The information provided by an applicant for IC2021 will only be used by ADGM to assess the merits of the application.
  20. Any personal data provided to the ADGM in this application will be handled in accordance with the ADGM Privacy Policy and the Data Protection Regulations 2021.
  21. ADGM may request additional information (including, but not limited to, personal, educational, employment, and financial information) should it be deemed necessary to adequately assess the merits of the application.
  22. The applicant consents to any additional inquiries ADGM may make to the Corporate Champion relating to the information contained in the application.
  23. Any false or misleading information given to ADGM in relation to the application may result in the termination of the applicant’s eligibility to be selected as a Challenge Winner. In such an event, the applicant will be liable to ADGM for the immediate reimbursement of any funds paid to the applicant by ADGM.
  24. Applicants have no right of review of any decisions made in relation to IC2021 or the Stipend payment to Challenge Winners. ADGM’s decision on any of these matters is final and at ADGM’s sole and absolute discretion.
  25. The Corporate Champions will also have absolute discretion to determine the Challenge Winner for their respective challenge statements. If the Corporate Champion purports to provide monetary or other payments or incentives to Challenge Winners, in addition to the Stipend payment from ADGM, this is at their absolute discretion. ADGM will bear no liability in the event that the Corporate Champions fail to deliver these incentives.
  26. Choice of Law and Jurisdiction

  27. These terms and conditions are subject to the laws of the ADGM, and by applying for IC2021, the applicant agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the ADGM Courts.

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