Changes to the Founding Law highlight ADGM’s transformation into a thriving and sustainable financial ecosystem


The ADGM Founding Law amendments reflect the alignment of ADGM’s framework and operations with international best practice and standards, while ensuring ADGM continues to contribute to the excellence in judicial standards across the UAE. The changes include:

ADGM entity can establish branches, subsidiaries or representative offices without the need of a headquarter onshore
ADGM Court judgement shall not be used for the enforcement of non-ADGM judgements in Abu Dhabi and other jurisdictions
Any party can select ADGM courts to determine their disputes without any connection to ADGM
ADGM court to be considered as courts of the Abu Dhabi judicial system
Codifying the reciprocal enforcement of judgement between ADGM Courts and Abu Dhabi Courts
All ADGM Courts judgements to be issued in the name of the ruler of Abu Dhabi
His Excellency Ahmed Ali Al Sayegh Minister of State (UAE) and Chairman of Abu Dhabi Global Market

“I am delighted that our commitment and thorough work in building and strengthening our regulatory and dispute resolution regimes over the past 5 years, including our close collaboration with our strategic partners in Abu Dhabi, is now reflected in the amendments to ADGM’s Founding Law. These amendments reinforce ADGM’s position as a thriving international financial centre with a robust and progressive regulatory framework and a healthy track record in providing game-changing innovation. Our partners, businesses and investors can rely on us to seize every opportunity possible to foster their development and long-term growth.”

His Excellency Ahmed Ali Al Sayegh
Minister of State (UAE) and
Chairman of Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM)

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