About the Anniversary

In celebration of your success, ADGM Academy is pleased to invite you to attend and take part of its 5th Year Anniversary celebration on Thursday, 30th of November 2023.

The fifth-year anniversary marks a celebration of accomplishments and unwavering commitment of excellence. Sharing our fruitful journey, challenges, and true prosperity of ADGM Academy. Alongside the Annual Graduation Ceremony across our flagship initiative the National development Programs, where we will be celebrating your success. The Graduation Ceremony will be attended by high profile government officials who will celebrate your success alongside you as graduates.

This graduation is a very special occasion, and we would like to congratulate the graduates on their success, commitment, and hard work.

We kindly request all graduates to be present at the location by 8:30 AM, as we will have a special interactive session prior to the arrival of guests.


Registration Form

To confirm your interest and attendance, please RSVP below and join us in celebrating the 5th Anniversary of ADGM Academy