Workshops at the Youth Hub

Held as part of the Abu Dhabi Finance Week, Youth in Finance is one of the main segments that will enable communication related to finance between leadership and youth. Several engagements will be hosted enabling knowledge transfer and providing insight about the financial sector.
Join us at the Youth Hub for a unique opportunity to get hands-on, practical insights into the world of finance through engaging in expert-led workshops throughout the day.
Connect with other Youth and engage in dialogues with leadership and explore the beautiful creative space that is that is the Youth Hub! November 16th | 9:00AM to 12:30PM Youth Hub Location: Abu Dhabi Corniche


9:00 9:30
Breakfast & Networking
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Welcome and Keynotes
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Attendees can choose to attend any two workshops from the following workshops listed below taking place at the Youth Hub
10:00 11:00
Workshop 1
Digital Assets Workshop in partnership with Centre for Finance Technology and Entrepreneurship (CFTE)

We keep hearing about Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, DeFi, Metaverse, NFT, Stablecoins, but what do they mean exactly? Are they the building blocks of a new way of doing finance, or is it purely a market driven by speculators? And how do we get into it? The main purpose of this workshop is to help participants demystify the world of digital assets while understanding what skills are needed to really be part of that space. In this workshop attendees will get the chance to engage with the content through interactive questions and activities.

Workshop 2
Building an Agile Mindset Workshop in partnership with The London institute of Banking and Finance (LIBF)

It is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate ourselves in the workplace. Does having a good education guarantee us a good job? Does having loads of knowledge lead to career satisfaction? There is very little information that we can’t find on the internet so career success is dependent on other factors. Whatever mindset we have in the workplace, directly translates into how we carry ourselves, navigate relationships, tackle challenges, manage stress and ultimately plays a big role in how we are perceived by peers and leaders. This session will equip participants to build an agile mindset, demonstrate agility in the workplace and understand the path to organisational agility. This session will equip participants to build an agile mindset, demonstrate agility in the workplace and understand the path to organisational agility.

Youth Hub
Youth Hub
11:30 12:30
Workshop 1
Coding Workshop in partnership with Synup/Avnon Academy

Coding is the new language we must all learn as this will be the international language and skill we will need to be competitive in the job market. In this workshop, we will walk candidates through a live hack and show the viewers how to defend themselves and what skills are needed. This workshop highlights the importance of learning simple code, as even the simple application skill may land you an investment analyst role and an advanced skill will allow you to build your own or be a management for a bank or corporation.

Workshop 2
Values-led leadership in partnership with Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT)

This workshop will explore our core values, and why they are so important to happiness and success in our work as well as personal life. It will go on to highlight some key models and tools we can use to become more successful leaders, in finance and personal life. These include looking at our motivation, how our mind and subconscious can help and hinder our progress, and looking at a tool which can help us to achieve any result or goal we really believe in.

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