Potential applicants who are interested in having a temporary promotional stand, kiosk or food cart in the designated areas of The Galleria or other designated areas of Abu Dhabi Global Market Square or other locations on Al Maryah Island in ADGM must file an application for a temporary license.

Every application for obtaining a temporary license must be lodged with the office of ADGM Registration Authority (‘ADGM RA’) prior to commencing operation of the temporary a promotional stand, a kiosk or a food cart.

An integral part of such application is to obtain a ‘No Objection Certificate’ from Gulf Related or any other relevant authorities to operate a stand, a kiosk or a food cart.  A copy of such ‘No Objection Certificate’ must be lodged together with the application form along with other documents. 


Application Stages

1. Obtain a 'No Objection Certificate' (NoC) from Gulf Related or any other relevant authorities to operate a stand, kiosk or food cart. 

2. Register on ADGM online registration solution by visiting www.registration.adgm.com

3. Complete the application for Temporary License and upload relevant documents

4. Pay the fee and submit the application.

Your application will be processed and once approved, a system generated license will be issued.

For more detailed guidance on the application process, prohibited business activities, required documents, fees,  please refer to the guidance below.


Guidance Note

Temporary License - Guidance Note

Application Form

All forms are made available on the ADGM Online Registry Solution.