ADGM’s SPV regime caters to a broad range of business types, uses and industry sectors including but not limited to corporates, sovereign wealth funds, government related entities, single family offices, trustees and individual investors.


Key Features

Spv Attributes


The SPV application process is quick, simple and can be completed through the Online Registry Solution which can be accessed by clicking here.

Spv Process Final Final



Business Plan Template

Access the Business Plan template here.

As part of the registration process, a business plan will need to be uploaded as a supporting document to the application. The above template can be used.

Guidance Notes

Plan on using a shared location for your SPV registered office address?

Where a shared physical location is being used as the registered office address (e.g. the address of a third party), please complete the consent form below and submit in place of the lease agreement on the incorporation form.

Please read carefully the guidance notes below on how to apply. This will provide guidance on each stage of the process as well as the permitted business activities for this entity type.

Consent form (when using shared office address):

Consent form - entity under formation

Conset form - existing entity


SPV Fees Table


Further information:

For further information on the SPV application process, required documents and disclosure requirements, please click on the SPV brochure below.