The Dual Licensing Regime permits ADGM registered entities which hold a valid ADGM commercial license to apply for a license issued by the Abu Dhabi DED which authorizes them to conduct business activities outside the borders of ADGM without the need to maintain additional office space in mainland Abu Dhabi.


 Dual License V1



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For enquires on Dual Licenses, please contact us using the following contact details:


Telephone: +971 2 333 8888 

ADGM Registration Authority ADGM Building - 3rd Floor ADGM Square Al Maryah Island PO Box 111999 Abu Dhabi, UAE

Opening hours: 9:00am to 3:00pm (Sunday to Thursday)




Eligibility for the Dual Licensing Regime is restricted to legal entities established within the ADGM. In order to qualify for Dual Licensing Regime  dual licensing regime, a person must register an ADGM legal entity first. 

Once a commercial license has been issued by the ADGM Registration Authority,the ADGM establishment entity seeking a dual license is subject to further qualifying criteria listed below. 


  • Office lease agreement for ADGM registered entity must be registered with the Registration Authority prior to application for Abu Dhabi DED license. 

  • The forms of legal entities able to benefit from the new Dual Licensing Regime are as follows:
    • Companies (public and private, Limited and unlimited);
    • Partnerships (general and limited partnerships and limited liability partnerships); and
    • Cell companies (protected and incorporated)


Financial as well as non-financial business activities (License Category B) may benefit from the Dual Licensing Regime; while the Dual License Regime may relieve a qualifying institution from certain Abu Dhabi DED requirements, the conduct of financial activities within the Emirate will remain subject to any requirements imposed by the relevant financial regulator in the Emirate.


Activities eligible for the Dual Licensing Regime excludes retail store activities and activities reserved for Restricted Scope Companies. In addition, Foundations registered in ADGM do not qualify for the Dual Licensing Regime.

Entities established under ADGM law which have an independent legal personality, such as corporations, limited liability partnerships and limited partnerships which are elected to have a legal personality at the time of

ADGM entities seeking to provide financial services to clients in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi will remain subject to any  other relevant regulatory obligations and applicable laws, including any licensing requirements which may be imposed by any Federal regulators of financial services. However, certain corporations - such a Restricted Scope Companies and Foundations would be considered ineligible.

It must be established and in good standing, i.e. possess a valid ADGM commercial license and have an existing office in ADGM, evidenced by a lease filed with the Registration Authority.

The ADGM Registration Authority will assume the primary role (including all matters relating to the dual license).  The Abu Dhabi DED will possess the right to enter into the firm's ADGM location to conduct inspections if necessary.