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28 June 2018 - ADGM Registration Authority granted observer status to Consultative Commitee of Convention 108

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Convention 108, entitled the Convention for the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data, sets out principles regarding the protection of automated personal data files and automatic processing of personal data in the public and private sectors.

Convention 108 is the only binding treaty with the objective of safeguarding personal data on a global scale. The committee exceeds 50 member countries and over 10 observers. Recently, amendments to modernize the convention were adopted to further strengthen its effectiveness in handling privacy challenges resulting from developments in information technology.

ADGM is the first Arab jurisdiction in the Middle East to become an observer. As an observer, ADGM RA will have the opportunity to engage and participate in meetings held by the consultative community. ADGM will have the privilege to participate in dialogue with other members, observers and experts concerning recent trends, challenges in the field, modernization of data processing and current initiatives to reinforce the privacy of individuals.

More information on Convention 108 can be found here



May 2018 - ADGM publishes Data Protection awareness video

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The ADGM Office of Data Protection is based within the ADGM Registration Authority with a responsibility to promote data protection within Al Maryah Island jurisdiction. In order to achieve that, the Office has created a short educational video on what Data Protection means, and how we apply it in ADGM.

To watch the full video, click here.


News and Event Archive

29 March 2018 - ADGM Registration Authority granted membership of GPEN

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The ADGM Registration Authority is honoured to be granted membership of the Global Privacy Enforcement Network (GPEN). GPEN is an international network of data protection authorities, comprised of over 60 members from around 50 different countries for the purpose of facilitating cross border enforcement of privacy protection laws and strengthening personal privacy and data protection in a global context.

GPEN membership provides ADGM RA’s Office of Data Protection the opportunity to build relationships with data protection authorities internationally and provides a platform to share best practice and facilitate cooperation on privacy law enforcement. ADGM is the first member from the GCC.

More information on GPEN can be found here.



28 January 2018 – ADGM and CNDP sign Memorandum of Understanding

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ADGM and The National Commission of the Control of the Protection of Personal Data (CNDP), celebrate international Data Protection Day by entering into a Memorandum of Understanding for cooperation and information sharing on data protection and privacy, during the inaugural ADGM Annual Data Protection Forum.


28 January 2018 – ADGM holds inaugural Annual Data Protection Forum

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On 28 January 2018, ADGM held the inaugural Annual Data Protection Forum. The event featured a keynote address by Mr Lahoussine Aniss, Secretary General of The National Commission of the Control of the Protection of Personal Data (CNDP), Morocco.

Industry experts, Ms Carolyn Robson and Mr Nick O’Connell also presented along with Mr Tim Land from the ADGM Office of Data Protection.

To view the ADGM slides from the event please click here.


 2017 News 

 20 December 2017 – Office of Data Protection Established


The ADGM Registration Authority has established an Office of Data Protection to carry out the administration of ADGM’s data protection regime. The Office of Data Protection aims to foster a secure and trusted environment for both companies and individuals, and is responsible for supervision and enforcement of the regime.

In addition, the Office of Data Protection publishes dedicated pages on containing updated information and guidance to assist both ADGM companies and individuals.

If you would like to see further information and guidance on specific topics, please feel free to make a suggestion by emailing us at:


 13 August 2017 – ADGM Granted ICDPPC Membership


The ADGM Registration Authority is honoured to be granted Observer status of the International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners (ICDPPC). With Observer status, ADGM joins the global forum of data protection regulators and privacy commissioners, to participate in discussing and sharing experiences on data protection and privacy developments and issues.

More information on the ICDPPC can be found here.


 11 January 2017 – ADGM & Al Tamimi & Co. Data Protection Outreach Event


The ADGM Registration Authority partners with Nick O’Connell, Partner at Al Tamimi & Co. to provide an outreach session on data protection and the ADGM data protection regime. Taking place in the ADGM’s Auditorium, 4th Floor ADGM Authorities Building, from 9am.