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What is data protection?

Data Protection is the process of safeguarding an individuals’ personal information, including how personal information is accessed, stored, disseminated and destroyed.



Why does ADGM have a data protection regime?

Data protection regimes exist to create a balance between the rights of individuals to privacy and the needs of organizations to utilize data for the purposes of conducting their business, including the sharing of personal data with third parties.

ADGM is committed to the protection of personal data. This section of the website is dedicated to providing information on ADGM's data protection regime, which is administered by the Office of Data Protection. Through this site the Office of Data Protection aims to provide a range of information, guidance and tools not only to firms operating in the ADGM, but also to individuals and the public.

Protecting an individuals’ right to privacy and their personal data should be important to every business. At ADGM, the Data Protection Regulations 2015 (Data Protection Regulations), sets out the obligations of ADGM entities and the rights of individuals, in relation to the processing of personal data.

As part of ADGM’s data protection regime, all ADGM registered entities that process personal data are required to register as a ‘Data Controller’. Additionally, businesses must not process an individuals’ data without the individual’s knowledge or consent and they must provide individuals with access to any personal information they hold, on request.


About the Office of Data Protection

The Office of Data Protection is the independent data protection regulator for the Abu Dhabi Global Market.

The Office of Data Protection is based within the Registration Authority and is responsible for promoting data protection in ADGM, maintaining the register of Data Controllers, enforcing the obligations upon Data Controllers and upholding the rights of individuals.


How to contact the Office of Data Protection

Email: Data.Protection@adgm.com

Telephone: +971 2 333 8888  

Opening hours: 9:00am to 3:00pm (Sunday to Thursday)