The ambition of the Registration Authority is to be digital by default and offer simple and effective solutions for our member organisations to become part of ADGM. In order to support this vision and maintain the highest levels of efficiency, the following applications, and payments, will be supported through ADGM's dedicated Online Registry Solution.

  • Application to establish a presence in ADGM
  • Name reservation
  • Registration of a Branch of a Foreign Company
  • Incorporation of a Private Company Limited by Shares

Register or logon to ADGM's Online Registry Solution 

As we introduce additional regulations and services, continued development will occur on our Online Registry Solution until a stage that all services will be made digitally available to the entities wishing to set up and operate on Al Maryah Island.

ADGM's Online Registry Solution will also be available to guest users without the need to set up an account, to view the Public Register for ADGM. The following two functions are available for a guest user:

  • Company Search - view details of both ADGM incorporated companies and Registered Branches of Foreign Companies in ADGM
  • Director, Shareholder and Authorised Signatory Search - used to determine whether an individual is, or has been, a director, shareholder or authorised signatory of a company